Rock Star Bryan Adams Becomes a Hero in Nepal’s Democracy Day 2011

Democracy Day in Nepal 2001 was celebrated with the world renowned Canadian Rock Star Bryan Adams. For the people of Kathmandu, he appears as a new hero.

The new Communist Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal read out a speech at a government organized program in the capital on Saturday to mark the 61st Democracy Day with a little interest of people in the official function. It was evidence that people hardly took part in the government-sponsored program.

For them, the actual hero of the day was someone else and the real celebrations were reserved for his program scheduled to start much later in the evening.

Many Nepalese, especially the youth of Kathmandu, were present at the open-air stadium for the live concert of Bryan Adams.

It was the talk of the town ever since it was announced. In the process, it became the most anticipated cultural show.

From 1951, Nepal has been celebrating Democracy Day on February 19 to remember the democracy movement of 1950 under the leadership of Nepali Congress Party that brought an end to the Rana Family rule for 107 years.

Adams flew in from Dhaka Saturday afternoon. His 35-member team of sound engineers and makeup personnel had already arrived earlier.

There was a tight security ring around the venue of the concert with thousands of police men deployed.