Ripples of Afghan Violence May Reach Kashmir

Srinagar, April 16: A senior army commander in Indian administered Kashmir expressed fears that ripples of Afghan violence can reach Kashmir also.

Taliban suicide bombers carried out a wave of coordinated attacks in Afghanistan targeting the diplomatic area, parliament, police installations in Kabul and three other cities.

“Such violent activities may cast their shadow on Kashmir in the long run. There is no possibility of an immediate impact of Taliban violence in Kashmir but surely such violent activities do cast their shadow in neighborhood,” General officer Commanding (GoC) of Srinagar based army’s 15 Corps Lt Gen Hasnain told media persons today.

He said there are events which lead to certain things and there are events which put together give certain indicators. “There is no such indicator about anything in Afghanistan immediately happening which can have an effect on Kashmir,” he said.

Hasnain said there will be long-term effects of Afghanistan on Kashmir. “In the long-term, yes. I have always maintained that an event in one place can have a ripple effect somewhere else, and I am sure the ripples (from Afghanistan) will reach here,” he added.

On removal of controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) granting immunity to Indian soldiers for their acts in Kashmir, Hasnain said army had already made its stand clear on the issue. “A comprehensive security arrangement should be put in place in the region before taking such decisions”.