Religions of The World Teach Unity and Enlightenment

Despite apparent diversities in the fundamentals or the teachings within the world religions, unity and dedication to universality is in fact the foremost and principal feature of each and every religion.

Diversity appears as a process of teaching the varied followers in different ways. In the prevailing circumstances of space, for the sole purpose of the safety of existence, development and achievement of goal, conduction of action-process on the basis of high human-value, are the ideals of manifesting diversities of all religions.

Diversity is a typical characteristic of humanity. It is a common attribute. The development of several different traditions, practices, beliefs and methods of worship originated within the various cultures in different parts of the globe from time-to-time. Therefore, it is almost impossible to discard the reality of diversity. It is usual and necessary.

However, despite manifesting diversities, the main purpose of all religions is to impart the knowledge of human-unity among their followers. The essence of all teachings of each and every religion is to lead its respective followers toward the truth and light on the one hand and with the purpose of making life meaningful.

The basis of unity according to the fundamentals of all religions, is the only one source of the creation. Life is with purpose by noble deeds. The fundamentals of every single religion are within the domain of this reality. The basics of Jainism and Buddhism are also not exempted from this reality.

The concept of unity for all humans in is eventually dedicated to universality. This concept of universality is not confined to the earth only, or to the planets where there may be a possibility of life. Rather, the entire universe is within the scope of the concept of universality. It is fully dedicated to all-pervading [God], supernatural power or the Order, which itself is symbolic of equality of all. Thus, equality of all is in the centre of universality.

Undoubtedly, manifesting diversities in messages and teachings of different religions are rather in one way or the other dedicated to human-unity. This unity is the basis of universality and essence of fundamentals of all religions.