Pak’s Misunderstanding

The two nations, India and Pakistan which are equipped with the nuclear equipments, usually seen active in the directions of increasing mutual cooperation in the SAARC’s annual meetings, but misfortunately, these two countries often frown at each other at the same time. However the public of these two countries do not like mutual tension.

The journalists, literates, persons concerned with sports, films, music, trade, industry and specially those that have mutual relationships on both the sides of the border do not wish the tension to be present anywhere. But in reality, not only among the political leaders of both the countries but among the common people, there is a large group that is in favour of ending the bondages like boundary line, visa and passport. Then why the armies of the both sides come to the mood of combat whenever they see each other.

A Pak terrorist training camp
A Pak terrorist training camp

The people of the world and even Pakistan very well knows that the illegal entrance from the Pakistan side in Kargil and drass sectors of Jammu & Kashmir area in 1999 made a war like atmosphere between the two countries. As a result of it many soldiers were killed from both sides. Why did the Pak rulers do that illegal entrance? Right in the same way, because of the attack on the Indian Parliament on December 14, 2001, many terrorists were killed that bore relationship with Pakistan.

This attack on the Indian Parliament shocked the pride of India. That time, too, Indian armies came out of their barracks and marched towards the boundary line. But because of the understanding of both sides and interference of international powers, India showed its tolerance power and called the armies back to the barracks. Now again a tense atmosphere has come out between the two countries. The reason for the tense atmosphere of this time is the attack of Pakistani terrorists on November 26 on some main places in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai. This time, where the nine terrorists were killed by the Indian security agencies, the tenth named Mohammad Ajmal Aamir Qasab was arrested alive.

The arrested terrorist during interrogation is giving information regarding the running of terrorists training camps in Pakistan. These pieces of information are not new to the India. Because India, for the last decades is saying again and again that there are nurseries in Pakistan that are nurturing and producing the terrorists, in the name of religion in Pakistan. But Pakistan never admits it and expresses its doubts to it. The rulers in Pakistan have always tried to hide the facts and put curtains over it. They deny the facts that there are training camps for the terrorists on the soil of Pakistan.

It can be said that the Taliban’s ruled over Afghanistan. But in reality they got their energy from Pakistan. Can Pakistan deny the fact that it was Pakistan that gave recognition to the cruel Talibani Government in Afghanistan? After 9/11 and NATO attack under leadership of America on Afghanistan, the Taliban spokesman used to put its side, while it was in Pakistan. Now the Taliban, is active by the name of Tehrik-e-Taliban in Pakistan is involved in the violent and destructive activities in Pakistan and is beyond the control of the Pakistan rulers.

Pakistan lost one of its big leaders, Benazir Bhutto only because of its wrong policies of nurturing the terrorism, hiding the terrorism activities of the terrorists and telling lies about the terrorists before the world. President Musharraf had a narrow escape for two times from the terrorist attacks. Nawaz Shareef was also a lucky person who escaped the terrorist attack. Merriot Hotel was a prey to a great suicide attack. All these terrorist activities reached that limits only because of the fact that the Pak rulers acted cowardly and did not face and challenge of terrorism but hid it.

Now once again the Pakistan rulers are repeating that blunder. Despite the attack of November 26, on Mumbai by the terrorists and the acceptance of the arrested terrorist that he is Pakistan citizen, his acknowledging the fact that there are terrorist training camps in Pakistan, the Pakistan rulers say that we want some proof from India. The citizenship of the arrested terrorists Ajmal Qasab is being doubted by them. But now Aamir Qasab, the father of arrested terrorist, who is a citizen of Pakistan has admitted that Ajmal Kasab is his son. Now what more proof do they demand?

Now one misfortunate thing is happening in this tense atmosphere and that is a group of Pak media, just like Pak rulers, is hiding the truth by the false arguments and trying to misguide the world by putting a strong curtain over the bad and dangerous activity of terrorism. Recently, in a famous paper, a photo of the terrorist Ajmal Qasab was published in Pakistan. In that photo Qasab was shown with a weapon in his right hand and hinting somewhat by his left hand. The photo was taken at the CST terminal in Bombay by a CCTV camera and is being seen throughout the world.

The columnist of Pakistan studied the photo minutely that there is a thick thread tied on the right wrist of Ajmal. The writer put the argument that such type of threads is tied by the Hindu community. So Ajmal may be the terrorist having connection with the Hindu community. Now what can be the answer to this Pak journalist if the father of the terrorist is confessing that Ajmal is his son? The second fact is that even in Pakistan same Muslim faqirs, managing the shrines in Pakistan, tie these threads. This is done in the Muslim community also. The Pak media should tell the truth and justice and not “to rob Peter to pay Paul.”

Some responsible journalists in Pakistan accuse India that it hurriedly blames Pakistan. For this they give reference of the Samjhota Express and Malegaon bomb blasts. But Pak media and Pak government should keep in mind that Indian security agencies examined the accident of Malegaon and tried their best to do fair deal with it. It was done with honestly, efficiently impartially and reasonably.

The Indian security agencies without the foreign pressure itself blamed Hindu terrorism. There was no pressure on them from the secular political organizations. I agree with the argument of Pak media that there is lack of transparency about the discussion of the politicians of both the countries. They see tricks behind the right advice even. Obviously the terrorist enjoy the distrustful atmosphere of this type and other countries get chance to interfere in the mutual affairs of India and Pakistan.

The present rulers of Pakistan and even the former ruler president Pervez Mussharaf are requesting the world to behave with them sympathetically as Pakistan, itself is affected of terrorism. Pak Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar, himself admitted that had Pakistan not banned the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistan would have been declared a terrorist nation by UNO. These circumstances cause worry not only to Pakistan, but to India also. There are not one or two proofs that terrorism is being nurtured in Pakistan, but there is hundreds of it. But misfortunately the Pak rulers are even now trying to prove it a lie.

The Pak terrorists are not only giving hard blows to India but they are shocking all countries of world. Shahzad Tanvir a suicide terrorist who caused the 7/7Metro railway accidents in London was trained and educated in Pakistan. Fifty two innocent persons were killed in this accident. Shahzad Tanvir is seen as a hero among the fundamentalists in Pakistan. The south Asia Bureau chief of Wall Street journal, 38 year old Daniel pearl was kidnapped in Karachi while going for an interview. He was beheaded in February 2002. In this terror accident in Karachi a Pakistan’s British citizen Umar Syed Sheikh was hanged.

There are several examples of such type and not one or two. The terrorist and extremist religionist organizations and many other names are there that are harming the world. But first of all these are proving harm to Pakistan. So the Pak rulers, the Pak army and the ISI that is being held responsible for making Pakistan unstable should try to understand the evil affects of terrorism. Pakistan itself should try hard to uproot the terrorist network as there should be neither doubt to India for its not taking any action against terrorism nor to America or other countries a chance to interfere. *

Tanveer Jafri
Tanveer Jafri is an award-winning journalist and peace activist, based in India, covering communal harmony and social activities.