Omar Abdullah Decides to Resign

The Jammu and Kashmir region of the Indian subcontinent has always been submerged in conflict and controversy. With the establishment of Omar Abdullah in January this year as the youngest chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Indians looked forward to a fresh start for this tumultuous area but drama in the J & K assembly today has pulled the spotlight away from the region’s problems to those of the chief minister himself.

A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the Srinagar sex scandal of 2006 has mentioned the name of Omar Abdullah as one of the many involved, listed as number 102 on the list.

What started in April 2006 as a shocking case involving politicians, businessmen, police, security officers and 43 girls forced into prostitution, has pointed fingers at many prominent members of society. Questions were raised in the assembly today by former deputy chief minister and leader of the PDP Muzaffer Beig on Abdullah’s moral integrity.

In response to the allegations Abdullah pointed out that even if he is proven innocent, which he claims he is, a humiliating mark will be left on his character and the investigation will always be shrouded in doubt. Explaining that the nature of law is such that in sensitive cases such as this one, the accused is guilty until proven innocent, Abdullah announced that until all charges are dropped he could not work.

Following this, Abdullah informed that he would immediately send in his resignation to the governor, triggering many members of the assembly to get up in cries and surround Abdullah, persuading him to stay, moving his mike away and pushing him back into his seat as he tried to leave. However, an adamant Omar left the assembly and asked for some time alone.

This dramatic turn of events has raised questions as to whether Abdullah has taken this haste decision out of pressure, guilt or anger.

Neeha Mujeeb is a student of Media, Culture and Communication. She is a mix of cultures and mindsets with interests in Middle East controversies, South Asian change, confusion around Islam, Photography and Bollywood.