North Waziristan Drone Strike Kills Four, Second Attack in Two Days

A US drone fired two missiles at a alleged hideout in Pakistan’s tribal region in North Waziristan Thursday.

The strike came at 4am in the morning, killing four suspected Taliban, according to local sources. It was the second such attack in the past two days.

In this strike, the drone fired two missiles into a House in Miranshah City, Zafar Town, North Waziristan. According to the local sources, four suspected Punjabi Taliban were killed in the attack. Those sources also said the death toll could rise because of damage to other buildings in the target area of the drone.

In the drone strike yesterday, US Drone Kills 10 in North Waziristan, two missiles were fired and it was reported 10 were killed.

The Taliban and other militants generally gather in small numbers, to minimize the damage if they are attacked. With few drone attacks recently, they may have been lulled into a false sense of security, and that is possibly why so many were together yesterday.

In yesterday’s attack, some of the dead militants, who were extensively burned, may have originated from central asia.

US President Barack Obama defended the use of drones to target militants in Pakistan’s tribal areas, even though the government of Pakistan has complained bitterly about these unilateral actions and the effects on their sovereignty.

In his speech on the subject, Obama said “This is a targeted, focused effort at people who are on a list of active terrorists who are trying to go in and harm Americans, hit American facilities, American bases.”


Names of the Four Persons Killed

1. Molvi Faisal Khurasani

2. Yasir Khurasani

3. Qari Mushtaq

4. Qari fataz