No Power Can Stop People’s War in Bhutan – Vikalpa

By T P Mishra, Bhutan News Service

The Communist Party of Bhutan, Marxists-Leninists-Maoists (CPB-MLM), was established in mid 2001 and entered into public view in 2003. The party stated many times that it would lead a ‘peoples’ war’ in Bhutan to uproot the absolute regime and thereafter establish a “peoples’ government” in this himalayan kingdom.

CPB-MLM is extensively accused of being responsible for creating havoc inside the Jhapa camps where the exiled Bhutanese have been living. In response to a mailed questionnaire of T P Mishra of Bhutan News Service (BNS), the party’s General Secretary ‘Vikalpa’ said his party’s mission would continue under all circumstances to establish people’s rights.

Excerpts (not edited by NewsBlaze):

BNS: Why did you feel the need to establish Communist Party in Bhutan?

Vikalp: Where there is suppression, there is revolt. Where there is revolt, it explodes the empire of suppression into pieces and creates the exploitation free society. But to initiate the revolt, a revolutionary party is necessary. Again, to establish a revolutionary party, a revolutionary ideology is necessary. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is only that ideology in this 21st century. For this very reason, we thought of establishing Communist Party in Bhutan. Not only that, the old parties and organizations have reduced themselves into “Manpower Companies” and were engaged in sending their cadres to the foreign lands. They were involved in such works for their selfish dream. This also polarized the cadres into two groups, viz. pro-Bhutan and pro-US. We didn’t see the authenticity of revolution without establishing communist party, which is a common institution of freedom loving people in Bhutan and revolutionary exiled Bhutanese, representing the 95 percent down trodden people. Hence, we decided it correct, to establish the Communist Party in Bhutan Marxists-Leninists-Maoists.

BNS: What your party is doing at this period?

Vikalp: At present, the country is in the hand of 5 percent Royal feudalists whereas, our party represents 95 percent of the down trodden people. Hence, our party wants to snatch the state-power from the 5 percent Royal feudalists and handover it to the 95 percent peasants and working class. It is only possible through the ‘world shaking gigantic revolution’ based on political conscience. Thus, CPB (MLM) is seriously engaged to uplift the political conscience and to fulfill the basic necessity of revolution into the people at this period.

BNS: Why is the CPB (MLM) creating havoc inside camps where exiled Bhutanese live?

Vikalp: Our party is not creating havoc inside the camps. The way the Bhutanese regime created ‘silent state terrorism’ and tried to accuse the justice loving people as terrorist, in the same way, the agents of domestic feudalism and world imperialism from within the camps, by launching anti-national movement against the national movement of the people, and creating havoc among the nationalists (people who love to return Bhutan), they are trying to accuse the nationalist sentiments (pure Bhutanese people) as the terrorists. They are the enemy of the people and it is the symbol of their low graded conspiracy. These renegades have, somehow, created confusion in some media as well. Bhutanese people will never forgive them.

BNS: What is your party’s stand on the US offer of third country resettlement?

Vikalp: At present, the incidents in camps are dramatic. Before the establishment of the CPB (MLM), no party was much concerned with the problem faced by the exiled Bhutanese. But, after its establishment in 2001 and formal declaration in 2003, not only trembled the monarchical system in Bhutan but also brought dramatic changes in the version of India and the US too, regarding the Bhutanese issue. The version of the US diplomat for South Asia, Julia Taft, in the past years and of the Indian security high officer Mr. Brajesh Mishra, on Bhutanese problem, could be traced as the good examples. As a result, the domestic feudalism and the world imperialism, have collectively, been hatching conspiracies to encircle and smash the Bhutanese movement by creating their agents from within exiled Bhutanese community.

The domestic feudalism and the world imperialism, particularly the US, are not only worried but greatly feared to see the people oriented programs and progress of CPB (MLM). They consider the camps as the cadre building centre of CPB (MLM). But they are isolated from the party’s activity inside Bhutan due to their metaphysical thought. That is why they want to dismantle the camps by tempting for dollars and jobs abroad. Since it is not possible to carry out such activities by the royal elites and the US personnel, they are making use of compradors those who could be bought in terms of money. This has been proved by the pro-US activities of the so-called some of the leaders of the past who were providing leadership in the democratic struggle.

Consequently, sometimes the innocent people in the camps are prompted to fill-up the forms secretly to go abroad for jobs and handsome salary and sometimes they create havoc and instigate incidents through their compradors and try to blame our party. Sometimes they even misinterpret the media and push them towards the ‘yellow journalism’. They are prompting CPB (MLM) cadres to commit some mistakes on which they can create terror among the people and separate us from the masses giving all its blame to the CPB (MLM). In other words, they are trying to pull the party in a deciding war and smash it in a budding stage. This has polarized the people in the camps into a handful of pro-US elements and pro-democratic Bhutanese groups. Although it has a little negative impact now, it has served a great in the Bhutanese revolution by making clear distinction between the foe and friends.

BNS: Is it possible to make your party cadres (who are in exile) to reach inside Bhutan?

Vikalp: “Where there is will, there is a way” is an old saying in our community. If the commitment is from the inner core of the heart, nothing can obstruct it. Moreover, CPB (MLM) is the first and only party which has been formed within Bhutan. Most of its cadres are already engaged within Bhutan. It is the main aspect of our revolution. Bhutanese living in camp in exile is only the supplementary aspect.

BNS: How does this party see the future of people inside Bhutan?

Vikalp: There is no future of the Bhutanese people unless the downfall of the absolute monarchy. Around 50 percent of the southern Bhutanese, including Sadhri speaking and Tshangla speaking people, have been scheduled F-4 and F-5 in the new census program which was conducted a few months ago depriving them from the Citizenship Rights and the enrolment of the names in official records. They have no rights to claim for any kind of state facilities. It has been unveiled that the conspiracy has been hatched to evict them from the country.

BNS: When will your party declare to what you call ‘Civil War’?

Vikalp: It is not the Civil War but the ‘Protracted People’s War’ that our great and glorious party CPB (MLM) is preparing for. But the policy of fusing of the nation’s freedom movement and the class struggle has been made public, for its effective advancement. If there is foreign interference, it may take the form of National War, in which a national front can be formed against the foreign element even with the state power (monarchy), including all other parties and organizations. But if state power (monarchy) deceives, at last, there will remain no option other than the Civil War for safeguarding sovereignty of Bhutan and Bhutanese people.

BNS: Does this party have any connections with radical forces in Nepal and India?

Vikalp: CPB (MLM) is not a parasite and it does not believe in foreign aided movement. It is a self supported party and sets forth the example in its own creativity. As far the relation with the so-called radical forces in Nepal and India, we don’t have any connection with them. But from among the communist forces, there is moral support, since we have the common ideological ground.

BNS: How much area is under your party’s influence inside Bhutan?

Vikalp: Our party successfully carried out the programs of wall painting, pestering, pamphletting, hosting of flags and cross-road and closed room meetings in 16 districts out of 20 in Bhutan and in all the seven camps in exile at a time, when it was declared in April 22, 2003. This reflects the influence and capability of this proletariat party. After that, in the course of nearly four years, our party, both quantitatively and qualitatively, has made its strong hold in the masses. But it is not the right time to disclose in how many districts we owe the strongholds. We will disclose it, too, when time ripens.

BNS: What are your party’s strategies to overcome Indian intervention, which is certain?

Vikalp: Though the people of India are on our favor, the feudalist monarchical system of Bhutan is backed by the Indian expansionists and world imperialists because of which our party has been providing orientation to party cadres to remain prepared mentally from now onwards to face those two powers later while combating the absolute monarchy. It is already mentioned above that the war may take the form of National War, Civil War if the situation demands. We are well equipped with the scientific war-art of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism of the 21st century because of which the interfering element has to, by any means, downfall if the Civil War breaks out. These sorts of elements have to learn lesson from the past history of Vietnam, China, Cuba and many more. Those elements shall be outraged by the sovereign people of Bhutan.

BNS: Even other political parties formed in exile are opposing the CPB – MLM. Why couldn’t your party accommodate under the BMSC?

Vikalp: We have been approaching these parties time and again for a democratic alliance but in vain. We can also produce the copy of our proposal which we have proposed for. But the political parties and organizations in exile don’t want, in reality, to sweat for the masses. They just want to beat around the bush. Neither they take us into their front nor do they want us to enter into.

They ought to end such tendency which is inherent within them. As far as BMSC is concerned, the first thing is that it is not clear in its ideological ground. The other thing, it does not contend the peoples’ sentiments. In addition, we were not bothered and kept isolated while it was established. Moreover, we have seen the BMSC like an organization of the evicted Bhutanese confined only in the paper works in exile. There is no meaning of making alliance with those elements that confine themselves within the paper works and isolate themselves from the People’s War fearing state suppression.

We strongly proclaim that no other political party, except CPB (MLM), has any hold in Bhutan and we are not in favor of alliance with those elements who confine their struggle only in exile. If the BMSC is set for the cause of people inside Bhutan, then it has to reduce its distance with CPB (MLM) and make ready for both legal and illegal struggle. It is because the objective and subjective condition of Bhutan is in such a state that no progress can be achieved without the application of force. There will be a real meaning in the alliance between the CPB (MLM) and the BMSC, only if the latter comes forward for such alternative.

BNS: How do you see the proposed 2008 election in Bhutan?

Vikalp: There seems no legitimacy in conducting election by compelling the anti-people constitution by means of application of force. In past, when there was no constitution, there was illegal autocracy but from 2008 onwards, there will be legal autocracy (over the people) under the veil of constitutional monarchy. This election has no other meaning than to eye-wash the international community.

BNS: Why has movement for democracy in Bhutan always failed? How much optimistic is your party towards establishing democracy in Bhutan?

Vikalp: There are many reasons behind the failure of movement for democracy in Bhutan but ‘poverty of ideology’ is the main thing among them. Chairman Mao-Tse-Tung has said that all things are determined by the righteousness and wrongness of the ideology. If the ideology is correct, all requisites will be fulfilled one by one but if it is incorrect, the thing in possession will also be lost in the course of time. The same thing is reflected in Bhutanese revolution.

Old political parties and organizations have been lambed due to the lack of correct ideology and tactics. Neither they enjoy the people’s support nor do they possess any military might. They have been lost in the maze failing to recognize the basic components of the Bhutanese revolution. The feudalist monarchical system has been humiliating over Bhutanese democratic struggle because of these sorts of shortcomings. But CPB (MLM), based on the scientific ground of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, has been formed to stop such activities and to provide correct direction in the Bhutanese revolution. It has truly recognized the basic components of Bhutanese revolution and provided correct direction towards building a new and beautiful Bhutan.

It will be crystal clear if ‘five synthesis and the three directives on Bhutanese revolution’ produced on and recommended by the historic 9th CC meet, is seen. It is the correct handling of the correct situation. Since our party is based on the correct ideological ground and enjoys the mass support from the people, we are in full hope that our party should play the leading role in establishing the peoples’ government and making them the real owner of the country.

BNS: How can you claim, you can be victorious?

Vikalp: Revolution in Bhutan is not a vested responsibility of a single party. All the political parties, organizations and individuals, those who are in favor of the freedom loving people and oppose to absolute monarchy, are suppose to be united in a single platform at this juncture. If the organizational and individual shortcomings (political) of the past could be realized and dare to come under a strong unity, the puppet and the tiny dictator of Bhutan can be made melted like wax. Foreign provocation can also be strongly checked in this kind of struggle.

Since no revolutionary spirit is found in other political parties and organizations, the CPB (MLM) has been playing a leading role in building such democratic front. Though some of the political parties have not responded yet, on such subject proposed by our party, I heartily call upon them, on behalf of CPB (MLM), to come in time for such a glorious start, without any vested interest and doubt, for the absolute change in the soil of Bhutan. CPB (MLM) has also faxed a very flexible demand letter to the king of Bhutan, recently. I, once more, warm heartedly suggest him to consider the matter seriously and release the government version in time. If it is considered as our weakness, then the ‘state-power’ has to be ready to face any circumstances meted. No power can stop the people’s struggle for justice and change. Any reactionary forces would be swept away by the cyclone of the people’s struggle.


Thakur Mishra
Thakur Mishra is a Bhutanese writer, from a remote area of Bhutan, and was a victim of the government's systematic cleansing of ethnic Nepalis. Thakur and his family were expelled from a refugee camp in neighboring Nepal, where he lived for 18 years. He came to America in 2009 and lives in Charlotte.