No Nepal sans King

We, Nepali women diaspora strongly believe that Nepal has no future sans Monarchy. Nepal will lose its existence as a sovereign independent nation. It has already been tested that it is the only Monarchy which wants to see Nepal standing tall in front of all the nations around the world. The Monarchy of Nepal has never made Nepali people feel ashamed in front of parahia. We must feel proud for the Monarchy trying to rescue our pride being tarnished. We, Nepali people have equal standings with the people around the world just because Nepal’s Monarchy was there to uplift our pride. Had not there been a Monarchy on people’s side, Nepal would have lost its independent credential long before. No Nepali should forget the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah saved Nepal from British invasions and let us remain free from dominition.

Coming to recent incidents, the handling of state affairs by the political leaders made Nepal completely a mess and it seems, the Constituent Assembly will further complicate that without leaving a room for any solution. When leaders can compromise sovereignty with the southern neighbors for the small interests, the post CA elections will bring a grand opportune to the world’s most opportunist Nepali leaders entrhone themselves with never imagined utopian crown. The post CA elections will only pave the way for horse trading with the application of selling all what Nepal can prosper with and remain intact under double triangular flag and Crown for the vested interests of political leaders.

The survey conducted by the Nepali women diaspora clearly found that Nepal will remain safe and intact only under crown. Thus believeing Monarchy is the only force which has no selfish motive except making Nepal’s survival.

Since Nepal has always remained peaceful nation moving forward towards steady progress under different Monarchs, an institution of Monarchy is vital for Nepal’s future peace, progress and existence. It is therefore, we Nepali women diaspora cannot accept the result of the CA unless and until the final verdict is given by the Nepali people themselves through the referendum on the new Constitution produced by the CA and on Morarchy as well.

Jai Matribhumi Nepal,

On behalf of Nepali Women Diaspora,

President, N & J Entertainment Inc., USA.


Organizations of various Nepali Women Diaspora around the world.

Kamala Prasai, from Nepal, now in New York, is a Lyricist and Writer, who has published five books of Nepali poems and plays.