Nepali Poetry Festival a Success in New York

By the N & J Entertainment Inc. USA in the foregone years.

N & J Entertainment Inc. USA organized the “NY Nepali Poetry Festival” at its fourth anniversary in grand manner. This special event, coordinated by Ms. Kamala Prasai, the President of the N & J Entertainment Inc. USA highlighted the activities of the organization following the request made by the moderators of the program, Ms. Sagun Basnet and Mr. Saroj Aryal. Ms. Kamala Prasai shed light on the importance of the event and the organization itself. She briefly stated the activities carried out by the N & J Entertainment Inc. USA in previous years.

N & J Entertainment was established in remembrance of the late Narayan Prasad Prasai and Mrs. Jayanta Devi Prasai who is now 78 years old, who has done a remarkable job of promoting Nepali language, literature, arts and culture. The writer of an Award winning book of poetry and several other books, Ms. Kamala Prasai who is also the ‘Treasurer’ of the International Nepali Literary Society (INLS), welcomed the participating audience and Mrs. Basundhara Bhusal, the Senior-Most Artist who was honored at the event by His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Madhu Raman Acharya, the Chief Guest, for her great contributions bringing Nepal’s film industry to this developed stage. The moderators Ms. Sagun Basnet and Mr. Saroj Aryal wisely requested the Cine-Star and the icon for all Nepali artists Mrs. Basundhara Bhusal to chair the event. The Permanent Representative of Nepal to UN, His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Madhu Raman Acharya also honored Litterateur Hom Nath Subedi, Dr. Kamal Pande, Mr. Ramhari Subedi and Mr. Khem Bhattachan.

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Mr. Hom Nath Subedi is the founding President of the International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) with many valuable books to his credit. He was honored as the ‘Shinning Literary Star’. Dr. Kamal Pande was honored for his leadership role in the Nepali-American Community and for his contributions in the religious field. Mr. Ramhari Subedi was honored for his efforts to draw the interests on Nepal through his, the best electronic web based magazines. Today’s event was also live telecast by the and it was viewed by more than tens of thousands audiences throughout the continents. Another personality, Mr. Khem Bhattachan was also honored at the event for his contributions making Nepali language popularize in the Diaspora. Mr. Bhattachan served INLS as the Vice-President.

The NY Nepali Poetry Festival participated by the intelligent Nepali community in US was addressed by Dr. Geeta Acharya, Dr. Tara Niraula, Litterateur Hom Nath Subedi and Dr. Kamal Pande. The message of those speakers were very clear- Nepali language must be preserved and developed to save the identity of the people of Nepali origin. All of them have pointed out the big contributions made by Ms. Kamala Prasai for her efforts towards the preservation and promotion of Nepali language under the N & J Entertainment Inc. USA banner.

The event’s main highlight was the poetry competition. Judges Mrs. Jyoti Poudel, Dr. Tara Niraula and Dr. Kamal Pande scored the Poet Bidhya Bimal Baral the winner of the competition. Mrs. Parita Rajbhandari scored the second place whereas Mrs. Poonam Kafle could get the third position and the consolation prize went to Mr. Ram Chandra Thapa. The winners were presented the certificates by the Litterateur Hom Nath Subedi. The non-competitive poems were also recited.

Prior to making the concluding remarks, the Senior-Most Artist Mrs. Basundhara Bhusal presented the certificates of recognition to moderators Ms. Sagun Basnet, Mr. Saroj Aryal, Singers Ms. Pabita Pariyar and Mr. Tilak Shrestha for their contributions making the NY Nepali Poetry Festival very successful. The Senior-Most Artist Mrs. Bhusal thanked the organizer Ms. Kamala Prasai for her efforts at preserving Nepali language, literature, arts and culture in Diaspora. Mrs. Bhusal, the Chairperson of the event also mentioned that she viewed today’s event as an inspiring and put responsibilities upon her for the development of Nepali arts and culture.

The NY Nepali Poetry Festival was participated by major Nepali media sectors in US- the, Himali Sworharu (Mr. Sahadev Poudel), Namaste Nepal Television (Mr. Som Nath Ghimire), USNepalOnline (Mr. Pradeep Thapa) and the community leaders from different organizations- Mr. Anand Bist, Mr. Tek Gurung, Mrs. Gita Khatri, Mrs. Sita Kharel, Mr. Shramik Sherchan and Mr. Aditya Maharjan. The senior artists Mr.. Nhuchhe Narayan Dangol, Raj Kapoor, singer Sanjog Rai and many others including Mr. Rishabh Shrestha took part at the NY Nepali Poetry Festival. The event which took place at the Sangri-la Restaurant at Jackson Heights was completed very successfully mainly due to the moderators Ms. Sagun Basnet and Mr. Saroj Aryal with their high-skilled performance and organizer Ms. Kamala Prasai’s wise management.

NY Nepali Poetry Festival

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By the N & J Entertainment Inc. USA in the foregone years.

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