Nepal Rehabilitates Maoist Combatants

Nepal today made tangible progress in peace process as it rehabilitates former Maoist combatants in and integrates them into the national army.

An agreement was reached on 10th of April 2012 in the constitutionally mandated Army Integration Special Committee (AISC) on taking forward the process of integration and rehabilitation of the former Maoist combatants in consonance with the past Agreement.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today hailed the progress in rehabilitating former Maoist combatants in Nepal.

He voiced hope that the process will be carried out smoothly.

A mineaction expert (left) trains local members of the Nepal and Maoist Armies on the safe removal of unexploded devices.UN Photo/Steve Malloch

Mr. Ban also acknowledged the role of political parties, the Government, and Nepal’s Army, as well as Maoist commanders and combatants in the efficient transfer of weapons and maintaining security in cantonments.

He urged all political parties to maintain the momentum and consensus to bring the peace process and the drafting of the new constitution. Mr. Ban also pledged continued support of the United Nations to Nepal’s peace process.

In addition, India also hailed Nepal’s resolve to rehabilitate former Maoist cadres.

India congratulated Nepal for the wisdom, and spirit of consensus displayed by them to complete the remaining task in advocating peace in the country.

On December 2010, UN has called on the Government and political parties to reach rapid agreement on the reintegration of Maoist army personnel, in addition to other monitoring-related issues, as the UN wraps up its mission to help the country recover from a decade-long civil war.

The Security Council established UNMIN on January 2007 to assist with the follow-up to the landmark Nepalese peace deal, reached between the Government and the Maoists, and also to support this year’s planned elections in the impoverished country where 10 years of civil war killed around 15,000 people and displaced over 100,000 others.

UNMIN’s activities have included monitoring the management of arms and armed personnel of the Nepal Army and the Maoist army as well as helping the parties implement their agreement on the management of arms and armed personnel.

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