Nepal Commemorates ‘The Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Birth Anniversary’

The United Nationalists Nepalese (UNN) organized the Second International Teleconference on Poush 27 (11TH January 2012) to commemorate The Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Birth Anniversary, also known as the National Unity Day in Nepal.

UNN marked the day by recalling the importance of Prithvi Jayanti in the present day Nepal. The President of the UNN, Mr. Ashutosh Shrivastav speaking on the occasion said how hard the unifier of Nepal, the Great King worked to build the country. Those who tried to break his statue, a historical monument, no matter what political affiliations they carry should be punished.

The moderator of this special program Ms. Kamala Prasai after recounting a brief history of Nepal requested Mr. Dibakar Pant to present his views. A legal Expert and the former Secretary to the Government of Nepal, Mr. Pant presenting his views said, Prithvi Narayan Shah was not just the king but he was the builder of Modern Nepal.

Not to realize the Great King’s contribution is unjust and this is the ill-intention of those who want to break Nepal apart, said Mr. Pant. However, he expressed his full confidence that if global Nepalese keep on pressing the so-called rulers of Nepal, the status of Nepal as a single nation will remain preserved. Mr. Vijaya Sigdel, who seconded Mr. Dibakar Pant’s view on Prithvi Narayan Shah’s effort to protect the divergent cultures of Nepal, expressed that it is beyond imagination to think of the wisdom of the founding father of Modern Nepal, the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Without the formal education, he had done astounding job by unifying Nepal said Mr. Sigdel.

The scholar Mr. Vijaya Sigdel, while expressing his views said the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s contribution exceeds to the contributions made by those world’s renowned statesmen like the founding father of the US, Mr. George Washington, Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck, Britain’s Prime Minister Churchill. Thus he said, Nepal needs to proudly commemorate the Prithvi Jayantee as the National Unity Day of Nepal.

Another speaker, Mr. John M. Kelleher who highlighted the importance of the National Unity Day of Nepal, said the relevance of the Crown still exists in Nepal. While giving his valuable thoughts, Mr. Kelleher said there is no substitute for the Constitutional Monarchy. He said Nepal remained peaceful under the Kingdom and it will remain so if it is the Kingdom. Mr. Kelleher compared the present day mess with the peaceful Nepal when Kings were the guardians of Nepal.

While responding to the question of Mrs. Bipana Rana, a caller from Canada, that how come he is in so much love of Nepal and that is of democratic constitutional Monarchy especially, Mr. Kelleher responded that Nepal is so beautiful, it is beautiful as Switzerland and could only be protected by the Constitutional Monarchy. He advised Nepali people to think of Nepal founded by the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Mr. John M. Kelleher is the Vice president of the UNN and a scholar in Nepal affairs.

Among the participants, Mr. Sailendra Bhatta from Germany of Shiva Sena Nepal demanded Nepal be restored as the Hindu Kingdom. Director of Motherland Nepal Mr. Binod Tiwari from California said Nepalese should not allow anyone distort the facts of the history. Chairman of Motherland Nepal Mr. Anil Pandey, also from California, reminded all to have such program very often. Scholar Ms. Pooja Pant from Pennsylvania also highlighted the contributions of the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah and said it is because of him we are Nepali today. The International Teleconference chaired by UNN President Mr. Ashutosh Shrivastav was skillfully moderated by Ms. Kamala Prasai.

The program ended after Mr. Bishal Shah thanked the speakers, moderator and the participants of the program. The program was attended from the different States of US, Australia, Germany, Canada, England, Belgium, Middle East, Israel and Nepal.

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