Maliki Accuses Residents of Camp Ashraf With Terrorism

Ashraf – Pledges breached, No. 11

  • Acting at the behest of the religious dictatorship ruling Iran, Maliki announces 126 arrest warrants for the residents of Ashraf and accuses them of terrorism, ruthless crimes inside Iraq and murder of political and religious figures in Iran.
  • For the third time, Mrs. Rajavi urges the convening of an international conference, attended by SRSG, Ashraf lawyers, the Iraqi and U.S. governments; the EU, UNHCR, OHCHR and European Parliament, in order to salvage the peaceful solution. She calls for immediate action by the UN Secretary General and the Security Council.

    In an interview with the Iranian regime’s official media, broadcast widely on the state radio and television network on January 12, including Channel 1, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, using the mullahs’ loathsome lexicon, said, “The Monafeqin [sic] (hypocrites) are a completely terrorist grouplet [sic] and the first group of them will be transferred in a few days from Camp Ashraf to a base formerly run by the Americans so that the preliminary work for their exit from this country can be performed. We stress that in less than four months from now, no Monafeq [sic] will remain in Iraq. After that Camp Ashraf will be closed and the land will be returned to its owners.”

    He told the Iranian regime’s English language Television, Press TV, “We will no longer tolerate the presence of the MKO [sic] on Iraqi soil. This is an international sanctioned terrorist organization. It has not only carried out assassinations against political and religious personalities in Iran, but it also has a bloody history in Iraq. It has collaborated with the former Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein. MKO [sic] has committed brutal crimes inside Iraq. Until today we have received 126 arrest warrants for MKO [sic] members in Camp Ashraf that are accused of committing horrendous crimes…” *

    And the Iranian regime’s Central News Unit and the IRGC-run Fars News Agency quoted him as saying, “Iraqis consider the Monafeqin [sic] as terrorists and criminals and don’t want this criminal group to remain on their soil… In April there will no longer be a Camp Ashraf and its land will be returned to its original owners… An Iraqi court has issued the arrest warrant of 121 members of the Monafeqin [sic] for complicity in terrorist affairs and these persons are still in Ashraf.”

    Earlier, in its January 2 and 9 statements, the Iranian Resistance had warned of the efforts by the Iranian regime to cause the failure of the peaceful solution for the Ashraf crisis. It had declared, “The National Council of Resistance of Iran has obtained reports and documents from within the mullahs’ regime which clearly bespeak of the conspiracies and efforts by the regime and its operatives in Iraq to cause the failure of the solution for the Ashraf crisis, upon which Secretary Clinton and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had underscored. The objective is to build a prison named “Liberty” with the UN cover.”

    The Iranian Resistance has so far issued 10 statements, addressing specific cases of the Iraqi government’s violations of its commitments to the United Nations.

    Today’s remarks by Maliki are a clear testament to the veracity of those warnings. They also foretell of the project to destroy the Iranian opposition at a time when the clerical regime, in order to preserve its survival, cornered by expanding international sanctions and the uprisings by the Syrian people, has resorted to building nuclear weapons and to crush its principal opposition force through its Iraqi proxies.

    Maliki’s remarks blatantly trample upon the Memorandum of Understanding signed on December 25 between the Iraqi government and the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative, Ambassador Martin Kobler, and the latter’s December 28 letter to the residents of Camp Ashraf.

    Mrs. Rajavi expressed regret and objection over the Iraqi government’s litany of unlawful actions as well as successive violations of international law and conventions, particularly as they relate to breaching the principle of Responsibility to Protect about Camp Ashraf.

    For the third time, she urged the convening of an international conference attended by SRSG, Ashraf lawyers, the Iraqi and U.S. governments; the EU, UNHCR, OHCHR and European Parliament, in order to salvage the peaceful solution. Mrs. Rajavi called on the Secretary General and the Security Council to take action to this end before it is too late.

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  • Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.