Nepal Celebrates Death of Bin Laden

On behalf of all peace loving Nepali people, we would like to express our happiness to hear the thrilling news by non other than the President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama that the leader of the terror network al-Qaida, the cruel and fanatic Bin Laden has been killed.

We congratulate Mr. President Obama for his great leadership. We would also like to congratulate all who have led the successful mission including all US nationals who have patiently waited to hear such a wonderful news. This is indeed a joyous moment.

The mission of the United States that ended successfully by the killing of number one terrorist Bin Laden is the persistent efforts of the US Security and Intelligence Agencies proving no killers of innocents will have safe heaven anywhere in the world. The saying that terrorists cannot be spared even if he is in heaven or in hell has been proved by the United States of America. It is a matter of pride for all US nationals.

The United States of America under the great leadership of the President Mr. Barack Obama has shown the world that it can win the ‘War on Terror’ and whoever is the responsible for terrorism would face the fate of Bin Laden, the ‘Terror Mogul.’

Today, we join the people of the United States who are celebrating one of the happiest days in its entire history. Mr. President’s leadership paved the way for the heroic deeds of the Heroes involved in the historic mission.

We, peace loving Nepali nationals, once again express our happiness to share the joyous moment with the American people.

Bishal Shah, Chairman, Nepali Nationalists Organization ‘NNO’, USA.