Nepal Being Turned Into The Autonomous Region of The Republic of India

After all the denials, subterfuges, covert operations and initial discretion on part of the UPA led Government of India, its foreign intelligence bodies, experts and cohorts in Nepal have succeeded in undermining Nepal’s independence and sovereignty. This agreement engineered and agreed upon at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu has officially made Nepal an Autonomous Region of the Republic of India. The SPAM government in their desperation to hold the Constituent election on April 10th, 2008 at any cost, have turned an independent, sovereign nation into a region or a state. By dismantling and blowing up the very foundations of a united Nepali nation, a “New Nepal”, a federal republic is being built by creating separate entities defined by ethnicity, language and geographic region.

After the Madhesh Pradesh, the Limbuwan, the Khumbuwan, the Tharuwan, and others are all waiting to have their demands resolved by the illegal, un-elected SPAM regime. Nothing is being decided by seeking the people’s mandate through elections or national debate or parliamentary vote; instead decisions are being made by individuals behind closed doors.

Even though “The Eight Point Agreement” has been reached between the SPA M regime and the several Madhesi fronts, there is absolutely no guarantee that the SPAM regime will be able to implement all the eight points of understanding. Agreeing to everyone’s demands is one thing, when a weak regime is incapable of carrying out all its promises and implementing its agreements. The SPAM regime and particularly the longest ruling geriatric prime minister believes that the forthcoming Constituent Assembly election on April 10, 2008 is the panacea and the magic wand to solve all of Nepali peoples dreams and aspiration and making the nation developed.

The sad truth is that in an environment of political unrest and turmoil, violent activities are being carried out by various groups in the terai as well as in the hills. Nepal is falling deeper and deeper into the grand designs of the international players . The direct interference from India’s Ministry of External Affairs, ministers and member of parliament, along with political leaders of various political parties have brazenly trampled on Nepali sensitivity as a nation and people. The handlers and sleuths from RAW, IB and various police and security agencies openly march into Kathmandu and dictate orders to be implemented. Matters regarding the nation and the people of Nepal are now being decided by external forces and not at Singha Durbar , Baluwatar or Sheetal Niwas but inside five star hotels and inside the Indian Embassy. Joining in the playground are the meddlesome highly paid expatriates from the various UN agencies, diplomats from embassies, the EU, the United States, China and others. If all this hanky panky and infringement were to occur in any other country then there would have been a revolution. “Key Garney !! Yo Nepal ho.” Everything goes.

The SPAM leaders and their workers, along with the various infamous civil societies are in a rush to please the highest bidder and paymasters. The Nepali people are a silent witness to the drama that is being enacted in the name of democracy, loktantra and ganatantra. There is not one leader or political party to stand up and say ” Enough is Enough” and speak out in the interest of the nation or the people. The majority of the Nepali people are busy eking out a living, survival and fighting hunger, scarcity and disease.

The world still remembers how India annexed Sikkim outright and the Sikkimese could, not even cry for the loss of their nationhood. Seemingly, Bhutan is currently better off due to the Bhutanese Wangchuk dynasty bowing down to India’s design of hegemony and oppressing it’s ethnic Nepali population and kicking out more than a hundred thousand of its citizens as refugees to languish in refugee camps in Nepal. For more than seventeen years, India refused to acknowledge the rights of the refugees to return to their homeland. Poor Nepal over burdened with it’s own socio, economic and political issues was overwhelmed in the process.

After the twelve point agreement signed in 2006 at New Delhi, India has tightened it’s grips on Nepal and the SPAM regime willingly and happily offered their salutations to their foreign masters. The Himalayan Game Plan is now completed with Sikkim being a state of India, Bhutan a protectorate and Nepal gradually being turned into a semi autonomous region of India.

Having sold their souls for a price, the Faustian contract is now being carried out by the SPAM regime. The holding of the constituent assembly election will legitimize the changes engineered by India in Nepal as well as set up a puppet regime . In all this political drama the Nepali people are about to loose their unity, independence, sovereignty and identity as citizens of a free country.

Janani Janma Bhoomi scha !! Swargadapi Gariaeshi !!

Buddham Saranam Gacchami !! Dhamam Saranam Gacchami !! Sangham Saranam Gacchami !!

Kamal Pande

Sher Bahadur Gartaula

Kamala Prasai

Nhucche Narayan Dangol

Rishesh KC

Shanta Lal

Dharmendra Gopali

Bandana Koirala

Col. Kuber Thapa

Shushrita Malla

Anil Pandey

Shekhar Dhungel

Shanjay Shahi

Bishal Shah

New York, USA March 1, 2008

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