Need to Apply Gandhism in Prevailing Circumstances

“Gandhism, which is an amalgam of Mahatma Gandhi’s views and actions and which revolves around non-violence-the most ancient, natural and perpetual value, is still relevant and significant if it is applied according to the demand of time and space. Gandhi’s ideas are fully capable of resolving all kinds of problem, doesn’t matter if they are individual or social in nature. Moreover, through Gandhism struggles and conflicts can be transformed and a sustainable culture of peace can be created through it successfully”, said Dr. Ravindra Kumar, a leading Gandhian Scholar and the Former Vice-Chancellor of Chaudhury Charan Singh University of Meerut, India.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar was speaking as the Chief Guest in a debate organized on the eve of Gandhi’s 140th birth anniversary by KMC College of Nursing, Meerut (U.P.), India, on Gandhism and Terrorism.

In his 30 minutes address Dr. Kumar added further, “Today problems have become common. Therefore, their solution could be feasible through collective efforts. Particularly, the problem of terrorism could be controlled through a concrete international understanding and cooperation.”

Stressing upon adoption of Gandhian technique of non-cooperation at international level Dr. Kumar said, “These are the days of globalization. Today not a single country of the world, doesn’t matter how forceful or wealthy is it, can think of its survival in a state of isolation. When in a state of isolation it cannot think of survival, how it can assume of its development? In such a situation if a country exploits the people of another country or snatches their freedom, or oppresses them, then bearing the wide interest of the people in mind and with extra care, if other countries of the world take the way of non-cooperation with that country, it is not possible for it to endure such an action. Rather, such an action, besides being within the scope of Gandhism, would accord justice to those oppressed or exploited…”

The function was attended by well-known persons of the City. It was sponsored and conducted by Dr. Sunil Gupta, a leading physician and director of the College and was presided over by Prof. SS Lal, Former Head of department of Zoology, CCS University, Meerut. The Principal of the college Dr. Poonam Kaushik proposed a vote of thanks.

Reported by: Secretary, W. P. M. T.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar is an eminent writer, Indologist, political scientist and a former vice chancellor of Meerut University, India, who authored and edited over 100 works on great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and on various social-cultural issues.