Moral Support and Solidarity to All Our Nepali Soldiers


We the members of the Nepali American community currently living in the United States express our moral support to Western Division Chief of Nepal Army Brigadier General Dilip S.J.B. Rana. Taking into consideration the best interest of the nation, expressed his opinion to all his officers and soldiers to be vigilant and prepared. As the nation was going through a state of turmoil, particularly the unrest in the Terai had become anarchic with the collapse of law and order.

The possibility of army mobilization to quell the recent unrest in the Terai region would arise, if the Nepal Police are unable to bring the situation under control. As a soldier, and Commanding Officer being prepared for mobilization is what is expected from our armed forces. Some politicians and political parties have tried to make a mountain from a mole hill. These leaders have tried to make him feel guilty of breach of military norms, when there was no such matter. This is a non issue and to vilify Brigadier General Rana is disgusting and irresponsible.

We request the Army Headquarters to refrain from toeing the line of the politicians and not to take disciplinary action. General Rukmangad Katuwal, the Army Chief should stand by his own officers and soldiers and not pamper to the wishes of the political leaders.

The Sanatan Dharma, Sanskrit and Nepali Center, Inc. USA and The Coalition for National Unity and Reconciliation in Nepal – whole heartedly extend their moral support and solidarity to all our soldiers and officers of the Nepal Army who are valiantly defending our nation and protecting our people.

We salute Brigadier General Dilip S.J.B. Rana for standing up for the best interests of the nation and the people.

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Jai Nepal !

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