Militants’ Killings in Kashmir Drew No Protest

Huriyat’s Hypocrisy Exposed – Muted Response to Militants Attack in Shopian

Huriyat leaders came out in full strength along with PDP leadership to lunge out their protest against the alleged rape and killings of two women in the Shopian district by the security personnel. The protest lasted for nearly two months, disrupting normal life and bringing the valley virtually to a standoff with the Govt.

Yesterday, when the suspected militants barged into the house of Mohammed Aslam Awan at Dunardu, Shopian district and opened fire on his family, killing Aslam and his three year old son, there was no protest at all in the Shopian district.

Where were Yasin Malik and other Separatist leaders, who do not hesitate to start a protest or agitation at the drop of a hat against the excesses of the security forces. Why was there a muted response to this ghastly killing of toddler in Shopian? Why the people did not come out in the same number as for the killing of two women after rape? This is the double standard of the Huriyat leaders exposed. It is reprehensible and deserved to condemn by all right thinking people.

It appears that the people were afraid of militants’ guns than the security forces. Even the Huriyat leadership was too coward to issue a statement or two condemning the act of killing by the militants in the valley. If these leaders were too concerned about the safety of their people, they should equally and vehemently protest against the killings by the militants in the same way they protested and brought the life to a virtual halt against the security forces. Why didn’t they respond? They have to make a lot of explanation, if they are keen to win back the hearts of people there.

The cold-blooded killing of a father and his 3 year old son was a grim reminder of the earlier killings made by the militants in the past, with equally muted response from the Huriyat and other separatist leadership.

Omar Abdullah, CM of J&K, speaking to a news channel was harsh on the Huriyat leaders while condemning the incident of killing of 3 year old boy in Shopian. Others who participated in the discussion was a representative from the Huriyat Conference. He was unable to explain the muted response from his leadership, but took time to condemn the action of the militants in the killing of the innocent man and his 3 year old boy but that did not satisfy all.

There was a pall of gloom descended on the family at Dunardu, Shopian district, where a man and his 3 year old son was killed by the militants. People were seemingly angry but unable to respond in the same way as they did it during the last two months in the valley. No one but Huriyat leadership is to be blamed for their inability to rein in on the militants and protest against their actions.

In the meantime, the police are on the hunt to nab the killers. But irreparable damage has been done to the family and no amount of compensation would satisfy them. What is needed is a firm action against the militant both by the state Govt. and the security forces. They should also ensure that no such strikes take place in future by tightening the noose on them by beefing up the security in the troubled areas.

Let us hope, Omar Abdullah, who came on high hope would act swiftly and decisively without indulging in political one-upmanship or blame game, to provide security to all. At the same time he must identify all the problems of the people and carry on the developmental work on the fast track. He must match his words with deeds. Jai Hind.

A.M. Jamsheed Basha
A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.