Militant Group Calls for Kashmir Shutdown Against Asylum to Blasphemous Writer

Srinagar, Dec 7: The granting of asylum to controversial Bangaldeshi writer, Tasleema Nasreen by the Indian government has drawn ire from pro-Pakistan militant group, Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen and the group has called for Kashmir shutdown on December 14.

A spokesman of militant group, Jameel Ahmad in a faxed-statement to a local news agency in the summer capital Srinagar, said that by granting asylum to controversial Tasleema Nasreen, Indian government has hurt the sentiments and emotions of Muslims. “The warm welcome given to her by Indian government has deeply hurt the feelings of Muslims across the globe. Like European countries, India too has now come out openly against Islam and Muslims by providing safe-haven to anti-Muslim writers. The Indian government has tried to please the anti-Muslim forces, who are always on the look out to hurt the sentiments of Muslims”, Jamiat spokesman said.

The spokesman said the blasphemous writer fled to a European country after facing protests in her home country. In Europe, she was awarded for her anti-Muslim remarks.

“By granting asylum to Tasleema, New Delhi has made its anti-Muslim policies clear and public. Earlier, it used to resort to such designs from behind the scenes”, the Jamiat spokesman said.

The spokesman of pro-Pakistan militant group called on people of Kashmir to observe a complete shutdown on December 14 against granting of asylum to the blasphemous writer by the Indian government. He also called on transporters, traders and businessmen to make the strike call a success.

Fayaz Wani
Fayaz Wani reports on life in Srinagar, Kashmir.