Lad Gaya Pecha Hits 36 Theatres in Punjab, Haryana

Famous comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi and famous actress from South India, Navneet Kaur visited DT Cinema for the premiere of their new Punjabi film ‘Lad Gaya Pecha’. Both stars and film Director Anmol Arora and Producer Manoj Kumar were greeted with flowers. The film was presented by Emotion Entertainment.

The Anmol Arora directed movie includes many well-known faces, such as Khyali, Shoma Anand, Gopi Bhalla, Savita Bhatti, Ashwini Bhardwaj, Nihal Purva, Amrit, Khushi and Gulshan Pandey. The lyrics of Lakhpati, Shyam Balkar and Manthan were presented by renowned singers comprising Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika, MK, Richa Sharma, Master Saleem, Nakshatra Gill, Sumedha and Mauli Dabe.

Gurpreet Ghugg
Gurpreet Ghuggi, Navneet Kaur

Mr Manoj Kumar, producer of Lad Gaya Pecha said, “The movie will absolutely entertain the audience, as it has a heavy dose of comedy and romance. The story revolves around a man Baljeet (Ghuggi) who does not want to marry. He gets in touch with a ghostly spirit (Navneet Kaur) who inspires him to die, so that they can meet happily in heaven. He tries many times to die, but fails. Then the story takes twists and turns and he starts loving another girl, the daughter of the villain (Rana).”

Anmol Arora D
Anmol Arora, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Navneet Kaur, Munish Sahani

Distributor of the film Mr Munish Sahani said that for the first time in the history of Punjabi cinema, this film is to be released in a record 36 cinema houses in Punjab and Haryana.

Particularly in Punjab it will be shown in 36 centers while in Haryana in 6 centres. The film is also being released in 4 cinema houses in Rajasthan. Punjabi cinema lovers abroad will also enjoy this fun packed movie in UK, USA, Canada and Australia, where it will be shown in over 20 cities.

Gurpreet Ghugg 1
Gurpreet Ghuggi, Navneet Kaur

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