Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli Elected as Nepal’s New Prime Minister

Nepal’s New Prime Minister Not Intimidated To Make Change!

Nepal’s Parliament elected Khadga Prasad Sharma as the country’s new prime minister amid unrest over the country’s new constitution, especially with neighboring India.

K. P. Sharma Oli is the leader of a moderate Communist party and well-known for his tougher and bolder views over India. Also, the new prime minister is prominently unaffected by the clamoring movements demanding revisions of the constitution.

The Himalayan country has been engulfed in unrest as Madhesi groups in the south who have close ties with India were demanding revisions to the Constitution. India sided with the group, and has allegedly prevented fuel tankers from crossing its border into Nepal. That caused shortages of gasoline, diesel fuel and cooking gas.

Who is Mr. K. P. Sharma Oli?

Mr. Oli served 14 years in prison for participating in underground activism against one-party rule in Nepal. In 1987, he was released when the king waived restrictions on political activities.

Mr. Oli is the first Prime Minister under the newly adopted Constitution of Nepal.

Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli is the 38th prime minister of Nepal.

Oli was elected as the chairman of Communist Party of Nepal in July 2014.

US Congratulates The New Prime Minister

In a press statement in Washington DC, US Deputy Department Spokesperson Mark C. Toner said the United States congratulates Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli on his election as the Prime Minister of Nepal.

“We look forward to working with the Prime Minister on ongoing efforts to rebuild after the earthquake and to bring about a more prosperous, unified, and stable Nepal.” – Mr. Toner

He reiterated that the United States encourages all political stakeholders to fully engage in a democratic process that accommodates the aspirations of all Nepalis.

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