Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Denounces Killings in Name of Islam

Srinagar, Feb 27: The Grand Mufti of Kashmir, Mufti Bashir-ud-din has denounced killings in name of Islam.

Reacting to a landmark edict issued by religious school, Deoband denouncing terrorism and describing it “un-Islamic”, the grand Mufti of Kashmir also strongly denounced the killings in the name of Islam.

Supporting the religious edict, he said that it had been issued in the true spirit of Islam.

The Grand Mufti said, “Islam is a religion of peace and it denounces any sort of injustice or excesses against anyone”.

He maintained that peace was the foundation of Islam as it gave equal rights to all those, who did not subscribe to it. “Islam holds everybody equal whether he is a Muslim, a Hindu, a Sikh, a Christian or anything else,” he said.

Referring to the killings in the name of Islam, he said, it was “un-Islamic”, as Islam never allows the killing of the innocent.

Fayaz Wani reports on life in Srinagar, Kashmir.