‘Kashmir’ Issue Complex: Removal of Prashant Bhushan Denied

New Delhi: Dismissing the speculations of the removal of Prashant Bhushan, from the Anna team over his Kashmir remark, a close associate of Anna Hazare, Arving Kejriwal on Friday said that the senior lawyer is an integral part of the team and he will not be removed from the team.

Anna Hazare on Thursday said that they (Anna Team) will look at whether or not Prashant Bhushan will remain as a team member.

Speaking to the media, the noted RTI Kejriwal activist said, “There is no question of removing Prashant Bhushan from Anna Hazare’s team for airing his personal views on the Kashmir issue. We stand united and whatever happens will happen.”

Kejriwal also said, “Anna Hazare has been misinterpreted by the media when he distanced himself from Prashant Bhushan’s Kashmir remarks saying that it was his personal opinion and the same was not endorsed by his Team.

“Prashant Bhushan is an integral part of our team. Anna never stated that we would remove him. The team is decided by the core committee and they have agreed that Bhushan is an indispensible team member.”

He further maintained, “Kashmir is a complex problem and it must be solved by peaceful means within the four walls of the constitution.”

Senior Indian lawyer Prashant Bhushan, and close aide of anti corruption activist of Anna Hazare was beaten up by two men on Wednesday in his chamber inside the Supreme Court.

Adil Akhzer is a young Journalist and editor, based in Srinagar India. Adil writes stories about items of interest in New Delhi and Kashmir.