Karbi Anglong Teachers Engaging in illegal Activities

Substitute individual running TET teachers show

Appointing quality teachers through TET (teacher’s eligibility test) assessment is an ambitious government mission to streamline educational structure of the nation and impart quality teaching to the students, right from primary level.

Due to unethical practices by a section of TET qualified teachers, the whole intent of the purpose is being undermined in rural Karbi Anglong.

A number of teachers appointed through TET screening test never bother to go to school. These teachers never take classes, but as an alternative, they engage some under qualified youths by payment of a paltry sum. The substitute teachers with many inadequacies are in fact imparting substandard education to the school goers and the dissipated TET qualified bona fide teachers draw monthly remuneration without lifting a finger.

The most alarming fact of this illegitimate affair is that this practice is going on with full knowledge of the controlling authority of the concerned department, as alleged by a conscious section of society.

In the Socheng educational block of West Karbi Anglong, due to the remoteness of the region, many TET teachers do not like to stay to teach in rural schools. Mukundi Primary School, located within Socheng block, officially has two teachers appointed here by the authority, who are expected to impart quality schooling to the students of the pastoral locality.

But from the time of his appointment, one teacher engaged Chandra Sing Terang, a youth of the locality to conduct class on his behalf for a sum of Rs.2000/- per month. This system has been working this way for quite a long time and Narayan Roy has never bothered to attend the school. Even though the Head Master of the school and the controlling office are aware of this illegal business, no one has bothered to take action and correct this state of affairs.

Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.