Karbi Anglong Spearheads Ethnic Tribal Festival to Boost Tourism

Major Event Planned To Boost Tourism

Karbi Anglong district administration and Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council planned to host an Ethnic Tribal Festival encompassing all tribal races of Assam to give much needed fillip to boost tourism in Karbi Anglong which is rich in natural beauty and undiluted tribal life.

Mukul Gogoi, Deputy Commissioner of Karbi Anglong and former director of Assam Tourism has chiefly premeditated the extravaganza aiming to enlist this tribal land of northeast India on the tourism map of the globe.

Gogoi, in order to set in motion the initiative, convened a meeting of departmental heads, representatives of NGOs, executive members of KAAC, Journalists, writers, Film makers and influential individuals yesterday. He mentioned that Assam and Karbi Anglong in particular possess tremendous potentiality for the tourism industry. He pointed out that hospitality and tourism is the fourth largest globally recognized industry and one cannot just ignore the possibility of exploring this prospect.

Assam Tourism will subsidize the mega event and KAAC authority has agreed in principle to build up the needed infrastructure to host the super cultural fiesta in February 2015 which will be a once a year affair henceforth. Both KAAC and the district administration agreed to carry out the event in three different circuits centering on Taralango the Karbi cultural hub just 3 kilometers from Diphu also center of Karbi Youth Festival and spreading the event from here to Hamren, the abode of Karbi monarchy, then to Kohora ethnic village adjacent to Kagironga national park which was planned for such an event in 2008 by another Deputy Commissioner of Karbi Anglong, Dr. M. Angamathu.

The organizers have also planned to canalize European, American and other foreign tourists for this event. To share the time honoured traditional events of Assam’s tribes with the rest of the globe, seminars, film festivals, food festivals, car and bike rallies, fashion shows and exhibitions of traditional dress have been planned to add flavour to the ethnic fiesta.

Although Karbi Anglong has great prospects for tourism, the road and rail network, communications and lodgings need to be developed to shape this place as a tourist goal. Also the unsavoury reputation of being a ultra infested region can be considered a major hurdle for this kind of initiative.

Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.