Human Sacrifice Incident Stirs Fear in Assam’s Remote Village

A sensational case of human sacrifice came to light as people of a remote village of the north eastern Indian state of Assam killed a 55-year-old man on Thursday and later buried his body in a bid to satisfy a goddess, police said on Friday.

Police arrested at least 11 people including three women in connection of the case.

The human sacrifice took place at Narayanpur basti in Assam’s Cachar district on Thursday night, where local villagers had killed a man named Jawaharlal Mura.

A top police official sai it is a case of witch-hunting.

“One of the residents of the remote village shared to other people of the village that he saw Devi Maa (a goddess) in his dream and the goddess told him that the entire village will suffer if Jawaharlal stayed in the village, who was possessed by evil spirits,” a local villager said.

Later, local people caught Jawaharlal at his house on Thursday night and killed him and buried his body in a bid to satisfy the goddess.

“Local people took part in a ritual dance after killing Jawaharlal,” a top police official said.

Police arrested at least 11 people, including three women in connection in the killing incident so far.

Several organizations had strongly protested the incident and urged the state government to take necessary action against the culprits.

“Witch-hunting incidents have dramatically increased in remote areas of the state in past several years and it is a serious issue for the state,” Niva Medhi, a human right activist said.