Gurgaon Police Condone and Abet Beatings of North Easterners

Racial Discrimination against North East people never ends in Delhi and the National Capital Region. The matter has been raised to high levels of police authority and government heads, but the result seems to be all talk and no action.

Crimes against north east people continues and they are being brutalised, with no recourse to the law because those charged with enforcing the law, do not.

In one recent incident, eight boys from North East India were brutally beaten by a property owner at Sikanderpur, in Gurgaon, Harayana, around 3PM. The rented rooms were locked by the house owner and boys and girls were forced out without any shelter.

According to a source who contacted North East Support Centre & Helpline, Mr. Guddu S/o Ramher Yadam, a resident of Sikanderpur attacked two northeast boys living in his rented house. Mr. Guddu gathered his neighbouring friends and started attacking other North East boys living in surrounding rented rooms. They punched them in the face, kicked them, and chased them. The boys fled to neighbouring homes and no one came to rescue them. Two of them were severely injured, bleeding from their mouth and nose.

After the matter was brought to the attention of the North East Support Centre & Helpline, Spokesperson Mr. Madhu Chadnra tried to contact Mr. Anil Dawal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, in the Gurgaon Crime Branch, but he was on an office trip to Rajasthan. Sub-Inspector Naresh Kumar of the Crime Branch was called and he informed SHO at the DLP Phase 2 Police Station. The victims were taken to the police station, but no medical attention was provided until they filled out the report. The written complaint was submitted to the police station and Mr. Naresh assured the North East Support Centre & Helpline they would book the accused.

The victims informed the North East Support Centre & Helpline after submitting the written complaint at the local police station, that police went to the accused and were negotiating a compromise.

The North East Support Centre & Helpline says this is a shame on the police, because they continually play a game of delay. They are initially reluctant to take any complaints from north easterners and fail to book the culprits according to the law of the land. This police midset helps perpetuate these repeated crimes on northeast people.

Failure to enforce the law against those accused of these crimes gives a signal to the community that allows the perpetuation of this type of crime. Until police perform their sworn duty, irrespective of the people and communities involved, northeast people in Delhi and NCR will continue to suffer.

All the promises from the Prime Minister of India, Home Minister, and Delhi Chief Minister appear to be just hot air, and empty commitments. This is a terrible indictment on India as a whole and is the main reason that racial discrimination against certain communities is rising.

Examples of crimes recorded in November:

November 6 – A 20-year-old girl from the Ukhrul district, Manipur, from the Tangkhul tribe, was molested by her Showroom manager in the Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon at 9.20PM after rejecting his advances by showing her nude pictures on the computer.

November 4 – A 22-year-old boy from Churachandpur district, Manipur from the Paite tribe, was beaten by locals at Sikanderpur, Gurgaon at 9PM

November 3 – Two boys in their 20s from the Ukhrul district, Manipur from the Tangkhul Naga tribe, working in the Mall in Gurgaon were severely attacked by locals at 9PM in Sikanderpur Gurgaon, Haryana.

November 3 – Two girls in their 20s from the Ukhrul district, Manipur from the Tangkhul Naga tribe, working in the Mall in Gurgaon were attacked and pushed in the drainage in Sikanderpur, Gurgaon at 8 pm. They managed to run away from the scene.

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