Freedom…The Path

Let us talk about freedom. Freedom is spontaneity. It is being able act according to circumstance and controlling the reaction to the circumstance rather than being controlled by it. It is being able to live like the flowing river despite any obstacle that comes its way; plant life, rocks, river bed, river life – anything..! The river flows…!

Our goal is to connect with the source, remain connected and flow with it despite our various mind attempts to disconnect and re-route the other way.

One path is that of the connect to the source, I will call it the Tao … the other is that of the mind which is now dominating our species and therefore misleading us totally towards goals of disaster and destruction of soul, of spontaneity, of love, of kindness, compassion and of life…

By mind, I do not mean intellect but the consistent noise that occupies your mind space and the cause of it.

Freedom is to connect. Freedom is to spontaneously act in accordance with the connection and flow not being bound by emotions, the mind, environment or any other inner or outer influence …

William Wallace Freedom Speech