Gallup Poll: ISIS Poses Number One Threat to US

In a Gallup poll released Friday, Americans believe the Islamic State group poses the most serious threat to the United States in the next decade. A stunning 84 percent of respondents said ISIS jihadists, who have ravaged Syria and Iraq territory in their quest for a new Islamic state, and terrorism in general presented a “critical threat.”

The second most serious threat considered was the possible development of nuclear weapons by Iran. The country’s mullahs tell the world they have only peaceful intentions in mind, but nevertheless, respondents found that reasoning lacking.

The third biggest threat considered was North Korea’s military power. The country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is apparently planning a trip to Russia in the near future.

Surprisingly, only 49 percent of respondents found the conflict in Ukraine to be of importance and Russia’s backing of the rebels. Apparently those polled did not find the military power of Russia to be disturbing enough or a grave enough threat to the U.S.

Gallup summarized it this way: “In a winter that has seen acts of unspeakable terrorism, with Obama seeking authorization for military action against the Islamic State, Americans are clearly concerned about Islamic militants and terrorists. The conflict in Ukraine may not worry Americans as much because they see it as more of a threat to Europe than to the U.S.”

The poll was based on telephone interviews conducted from Sunday to Wednesday, with a random sample of 837 adults, across the United States. Such polls are conducted every six weeks, Gallup said.

Dwight L. Schwab Jr.
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