Dissolution of Nepal Constitution Assembly Stirs Controversy

For people who have been watching Nepal’s political development death of CA was not natural.

There are many people who think that CA died because of the political parties failed to reach consensus on name and numbers of states to be finalized in the process of National restructure. The Maoists and Madesies were in power and now they are still in power.

The cabinet on 27th of June decided dissolution of CA and recommended for the fresh election in November. During the meeting of the cabinet, discussion regarding the difficulties of belling out the country if CA was not in existence and without amendment of the Constitution, there was no possibility of a fresh election must have been taken into consideration. However, such decision was taken keeping other stakeholders and the country as such in dark. What was the real motive behind murdering CA is coming out slowly and steadily.

Prime Minister Dr. Babu Ram was elected PM 10 months ago with the support of the Madeshis after signing 4 point pact. This 4 point pact was even labeled as anti national by comrades of his party. According to the leaders of the Maoists party the PM’s visit to India and signed anti National pact in spite of his party’s warning. While trying to find out the actual reasons for CA dissolution some news articles wrote that it was murdered in the interest of the foreign power.

As soon as the PM arrived from Brazil he changed his tone and put himself boldly that he was not going to leave the post till new PM is not elected. Why did he disclose his intention to grab the state power with International support? This a prime question. Prior to his departure to Brazil the UCPN (Maoists) party was going to be split. While he was in Brazil he must have got the news that his party was split vertically. He knew his alliance the Madeshis also went through many splinters. It is amazing for a PM to show his intention of not leaving the post is spite of all political incidents which were not in his favor. But what must be the PM’s tonic to utter such non political and childish remarks on his arrival at Kathmandu airport? He must have received a high voltage of power charge from the foreign powers.

The news tells us that he could not meet the Chinese PM in Brazil. Even the visiting Chinese dignitary in Kathmandu did not feel important to meet PM Babu Ram. The rumor has it that the Chinese are not in support of formation of ethnic states in north of Nepal which could sensitized the Free Tibet mantra. However, the west and India are in support of ethnic states.

He met Indian PM. The Prime Minister of Nepal must have renewed the support of the Indian PM. After all India is the country which had given shelter to Prachanda and Babu Ram during their time of insurgency. The road map for the Nepal’s democracy and restructuring was also chucked out in Delhi. Babu Ram and Prachanda are two pillars for implementing the road map of Nepal.

Babu Ram must have received the inner secret of Parliamentarian Constitutionality from the largest democracy of the world through Man Mohan Singh the Prime Minister of India. Thus PM Babu Ram has realized he could not be shacked because there is no Parliament to table no confidence motion, President of Nepal will not dear to do so because he is a law abiding democrat. The recommended election cannot be held as it requires the Interim Constitution to be amended before election. The Constitution Amendment is impossible for the lack of CA. In this situation who can take the throne of Nepal’s PM?

Moreover, Dr. Babu Ram nad Prachand have already started the process of forming FDA (Federalist Democratic Alliance) the group comprising the Maoists, Madeshis and Jangatis of different parties according to minister Mahoto from one of the participants of the meeting where the decision to form FDA was taken place in Kathmandu and Pritivi Subha of UML. FDA can be the outcome of the great design to clam the oppositions of Nepal and to rule the country for a longer period of time but this process of political polarization will lead to a prolong contention between the so called FDA and Nationalists who want to stop Nepal going to fragmentation against the acts of power mongers and the wish of foreigners as well.

Now it is sure that FDA (Federalist Democratic Alliance) pro Indian parties are going to be united under Parchanda and Babu Ram, Chairman of UCPN (Maoists) and Prime minister of Nepal. Nationalist’s parties are yet to find a leadership. However, Kiran Baidhya and Sushil Koirala’s meeting, the Chinese delegation that did not meet PM of Nepal in Kathmandu and Kiran was invited to visit Beijing tell the untold stories.

After death/murder of Constitution Assembly in Nepal due to incapability’s of the so called revolutionary party UCPN (Maoists) or planned murder of CA on 27th of May a lot of water has already flown into the Machi, Koshi, Mahakali and the Ganges.