Disappeared Hot Water Spring Resurfaces in Kashmir

Srinagar, Oct 16: In a miraculous development, water in the famous Tatapani spring located in Kalakote in the mountainous Rajouri area of Kashmir has resurfaced.

The hot water spring is said to have magical powers of healing certain ailments. The spring had disappeared after the October 8, 2005 tremblor.

The abrupt gushing of water in the spring has rejuvenated the hopes of the people, who believe that many muscle, bone and joint maladies are cured by taking a dip in the popular hot spring.

Tourist Officer, Ms Jyoti Koul said the water in the spring had suddenly disappeared in the aftermath of October 8, 2005 earthquake. “Now with the return of water in the spring the Tourist department has geared up for construction of accommodation in anticipation of tourist inflow,” she said.

The re-emergence of spring in the area has generated enthusiasm among the local populace with scores of people visiting the hot water spring daily. It may find relevance that the people living around the spring were optimistic about re-emergence of water in the spring despite it’s over three year’s disappearance. They were performing religious functions periodically in anticipation of its re-appearance.

To cope up with the rest of people visiting the hot water spring, the tourism department of Kashmir is planning to raise tourist huts with about a dozen rooms for a comfortable stay of visitors.