Demands from the New Government headed by Maoists leader P. K. Dahal

The Nepali Nationalists Organization (NNO), USA, congratulates Nepali people for having its new Prime Minister Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists). The Power Monger Girija Prasad Koirala’s exit from the political scene is a clear indication that Nepal is ushering into the new era. However, the revolutionary changes will only be meaningful if the Government under the leadership of the Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal accepts the demands of the Nepali Nationalists with an immediate effect.

Establishment of the primary rights of the people of Nepal to choose or reject the system of Monarchy through the referendum.

Restoration of Nepal as the only Hindu Nation of the world.

A special relief package has to be initiated to the Maoists’ victims.

Initiation of immediate economic package for the people of Nepal.

Establishment of the Special Tribunal to look into the matter of excessiveness by the Maoists during the so-called People’s War.

To provide moral education first and thereafter the regular education to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Integration of any non-professional citizens of Nepal into Nepal Army or any other national security agencies must be followed by providing priority to the Maoists’ victims.

There should be no Federal System of Governance which is very expensive and the means to disintegrate Nepal. Empowerment of people based on decentralization will suffice to unwanted troubles.

Raising the salaries of the Government Teachers and providing them proper pensions.

Free education up to 12th grade.

Similar course of study up to 12th grade nationwide.

University Teachers’ salary must be escalated to the very good standard so that the teachers can provide quality education.

Immediate cancellation of ladder system in University Teachers’ grade. Not more than two grades should be established as Senior Professor and Professor.

Scrapping of all unequal treaties.

Special relations with India and China, and friendly relations with all countries of the World.

Maintenance of the dignity of the Government of Nepal in front of the foreign diplomats.

Nepal’s foreign policy should be guided by the just and right principles mentioned in the UN Charter rather than the short term interests.

Proper trainings and encouragement be provided to Nepali Sportsmen and Sportswomen so that they can win the regional as well international games including Olympics.

The artists and the people who are engaged towards the promotion of the languages spoken in Nepal be encouraged. Special respect be provided to people who are engaged towards the promotion of Nepali language, the mother tongue of all Nepalese. The system of proper punishment has to be initiated to the violators who disrespect Nepali language.

Strict observance of the non-government organizations (NGOs)’ income sources and distribution policy.

Nepali Women should be given at least 40 percent of diplomatic as well as other high positions.

Failing to fulfill the above mentioned 21 points will be dealt in a proper manner. We request all Nepali Patriots to support our demands and join us together towards building the real New Nepal. The most beautiful country in the world, Nepal cannot be put at a risk. We want better future for all Nepalese. We want our dignity being restored. We Patriots of Nepal ask immediate fulfillment of our 21 points genuine demands.