BJP Will Seal International Borders to Stop Influx of Illegal Migrants

BJP will take steps to seal the India’s international borders to prevent the influx of migrants if the party comes to power.

Citing the Congress “Vote Bank Politics” with the illegal immigrating people, BJP national president Nitin Gadkari assured it during a programme held in Guwahati on Thursday.

Flagging off a car rally from Guwahati to Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh to mark the 50th anniversary of India-China war, Gadkari said if his party comes to power, one of its top top priorities is to seal the borders of the country to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

“At present, the international borders of our country are insecure, especially in the North east-Bangladesh borders,” the BJP national president said.

Gadkari told the Assam Congress leaders from Fakaruddin Ali Ahmed to Tarun Gogoi that the Congress leaders are in favour to to influx of illegal immigrants.

“The recent BTAD violence was the clash between ethnic people and foreigners,” Gadkari said.

The illegal immigrants are a threat to the national security, but the rulling Congress government is not worried about this issue,” the BJP national president said.

Remembering the 1962 war, the BJP national president said they must learn from the war and ensure it will not happen again.

“China has built up more military infrastructure and made military bases in Arunachal Pradesh border and Pak occupied Kashmir region,” Gadkari said.

“It has raised a serious issue and need to take all possible measures to build total infrastructure in this region,” Nitin Gadkari said.

Meanwhile, the BJP national president reported to the media the alleged Rs 70000 crore agricultural land scam against him by Arvind Kejriwal.

Hemanta Kumar Nath is a correspondent in Assam, India, who reports on local news in Assam, the north east Indian state.