Bhopal Starts The Year With Colorful Rose Show

Capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal held shows which exhibits its flora – Bonsai’s and Roses. This is organized every year but this time after gap of 15 years Bhopal’s had organized show of Chrysanthemum plant. Within period from November 14, 2010 till January 2, 2011 Bhopal organized its 30th rose show, 15th Bonsai show and after a gap of 15 years its Chrysanthemum show.

This is important to promote flora in Bhopal which like a growing city is rapidly losing its green cover to concrete! Experts still feel that all these are garden plants, need may be to promote nature’s trees and plants.

November 13-14, 2010 Bhopal’s link road garden had a variety of display of Bonsai trees in their different moods like Saikei Landscape and Mini Forest. Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) an oriental horticultural art form which literally means ‘tree in a pot.’ Trees are kept small by pruning branches and roots, repotting periodically for taking off new growth. Wires for used on the branches and trunks so that they grow into desired shape.

It was organized by Bonsai club of Bhopal and down the year’s interest of people has grown in Bhopal on growing Bonsai, and shows like this contribute to the same. December 4- 5, 2010 Bhopal’s same garden had show of Chrysanthemum – an exhibitional and garden plant. Horticulture department along with other organisations like Arera Club, IIFM, ADHPG Bhopal and Prerna Praksh supported the same.

Chrysanthemum show was organized in Bhopal after gap of 15 years and its aim was to disseminate information about the plant and help in increasing its cultivation. Many varieties were on display but ones which attracted people at the exhibition are quill, cascades, brushes and thistle, pompon in different colours – green, white, orange and irregular incurve.

Spider and Koreans were also on display at the show. Bhopal is most visited for its popular rose show which normally held in January first week, It will start on first day of year 2011 – a rosy way to start the new year. More then 100 varieties and approximately 2000 pots are on display at the show. Competition was held in the varieties of HT, polyantha, miniature and floribunda.

Organized by M.P. Rose society, it has interesting display of not only varieties of rose from various parts of India but also had display forms organized by Bhopal citizens. Bhopal bees were also an interesting visitor to both Chrysanthemum and Rose shows thanks to the nectar and beauty it offered.