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Anil Gulati reports on life from around Madhya Pradesh in India, where he lives.

Special Juvenile Police Unit to Deal With ‘Children in Conflict With...

Dr. Tania Goldner, Chief of UNICEF office for Madhya Pradesh while speaking at the inaugural said that 'Children are the most vulnerable group on account of their age and dependence, they can be easily exploited, abused and directed into undesirabl

Winter Migratory Birds in Bhopal Decrease in Numbers

Bhopal in central India gets migratory birds in winters which visit India from across our northern and northern west frontiers on south bound journey. Though numbers have decreased in last two years but still few come over this year.

Bhopal Starts The Year With Colorful Rose Show

Come winter and capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal held shows which exhibits its flora - Bonsai's and Roses. This is organized every year but this time after gap of 15 years Bhopal's had organized show of Chrysanthemum plant.
Common Sailor

Butterflies in Different Hues Brighten Kerwa Ecotourism Site

Kerwa dam is located near Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, in heart of India. It has specially marked area as 'eco tourism site' near its stop dam. The eco tourism site has its unique wilderness inspite of being close to city.

Little Fingers to Report for Their Newspaper ‘Jagmag’

30 young kids who were participating in children training for giving their opinion a voice and helping to them to become 'child reporters'. The training was held in their district on the 20th and the 21st of October 2010. All children part of this training are f

Statistics is Foundation for Measuring The Development of Countries

Inaugurating the workshop Finance Minister Raghavji said that statistics is foundation for measuring the development of states and countries. He further added that it is the analysis and interpretation of the statistical data which is important.

Good Morning Shivpuri: This is Radio Dharkan 107.8FM

These are words of Champa Bai Adivasi, a Sahariya tribal woman who was speaking at the broadcast launch of Radio Dharkhan, community radio station.