Butterflies in Different Hues Brighten Kerwa Ecotourism Site

Kerwa dam is located near Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, in the heart of India. It has specially marked area as ‘ecotourism site’ near its dam. The ecotourism site has its unique wilderness inspite of being close to the city.

One Sunday winter afternoon, I was fascinated by the butterflies. I watched and took pictures of them. Normally, I click and post them on blog www.madhyapradeshbutterflies.blogspot.com. But that time, I thought to write down my thoughts and the beautiful butterflies

that fascinated me.

Kerwa Ecotourism site has one kilometer of walking area which is surrounded with trees, scrubs and flowering plants. As one enters the walking lane, common emigrant and common grass yellow butterflies fly crossways on the scrubs and flowers.

Common Sailor
Common Sailor Butterfly at Kerwa

In the sidelanes on the outcropped branch of trees in the shade, one could see a chocolate pansy butterfly. They were chasing one another. But it was recognizable with its dark brown colour and dark brownish bands. Lemon pansy is another brown butterfly with eye spots.

Something caught my eyes when I was greeted by a graceful flight of common sailer butterfly. One could recognize it easily due to its white bands on its wings.

I saw also some common crow, common mormon, cerulean and lime butterfly on that day. I was able to snap some shots with the common crow butterfly.

At the parking bay, you will see variety of dragonflies. I left the place unreluctantly. But, I was sad for the ecotourism site is about to lose its pristine beauty for no efforts were made to preserve it.

Ecotourism means responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. But the site is mainly for picnic purposes. Some are not responsible enough to observe proper disposal of garbage.

Kerwa ecotourism development society charges Rupees 15.00 as entry fees per person to the site. I hope the fines are used to maintain and promotes biodiversity conservation.

The ecotourism site has two tree huts which add to viewing pleasure and a glass house. On that day, motorbikes were allowed inside the walking lanes which I think should not be allowed.