Assam Spearheads Consultation on Cases of Missing Children

State Level Consultation to Prepare State Plan of Action on Cases of Missing Children in Assam

A State level consultation was held in Assam to prepare the State Plan of Action on cases of Missing Children in Guwahati.

The Consultation was organized by State Child Protection Society under the aegis of the Department of Social Welfare in partnership with UNICEF, Assam.

The Consultation was attended by more than 130 participants, comprising the stakeholders from various government machineries.

Jitesh Khosla, IAS, Chief Secretary, Assam, was the chief guest at the consultation and in his inaugural speech, he emphasized the importance of a child being with a family and the protective environment that the child receives and the possibilities of a child ending in situations prone to abuse and getting exposed to factors leading to criminalization, if the child is not within a family protective environment.

Tanisha Datta, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF, India Country Office shared the importance of data-feeding into this online portal track by stakeholders to ensure that the missing children could be traced out.

Officials from Department of Home, Social Welfare, State Child Protection Society, Child Welfare Committees, NIPPCD-regional centre, State NIC,UNICEF Assam and UNICEF Delhi with various child care institutions from Assam attended and adopted a consensus for adopting it for Assam and drawing a draft State Plan of Action on Missing Children.