Anisha Kapur Replaces Sayantani Ghosh as The New Kakul

SaharaOne Televisions popular daily, Ghar… Ek Sapnaa is the story of Kakul’s journey; it narrates how with her innocence and honesty she has been successful in securing the love of her husband and in-laws. With the passage of time the show explores the unusual relationship between a couple, Kakul & Samman. It unravels every colour of the bond of love and marriage that is both unique and universal. Kakul is an epitome of selfless love, and she proves that love can win over the toughest person on earth. And for almost two years and 460 episodes Sayantani Ghosh had essayed the role of Kakul with elegance and panache. But now for disagreements on shoot dates she had to step down and Anisha Kapur steps into her shoes.

The show will bring in a breeze of freshness to the storyline by introducing Anisha Kapur as the new Kakul, who has portrayed the symbol of innocence and honesty and stood by it for her whole life. Kakul’s journey till now has been full of ups and downs. After accepting the truth about her life and that her dream of a perfect home will never be possible, Kakul had decided to walk out of Samman’s life and live life on her own terms. But post a series of events and revelations of many truths, Samman finally accepts Kakul as his life partner and they both stay separate from the in-laws. After making Kakul’s life miserable, Uttara understands the importance of having Kakul back in the house foreseeing her daughter’s nuptial with Sujit, and now has her back as her daughter-in-law. But just when Kakul tells Samman that this is the new beginning … a new day, she is unable to enjoy the love of her in-laws for long, since soon after she returns to Samman’s family she’s made a victim of a devious ploy by Uttara along with Vanshika and proved mentally insane! Kakul is taken home by Om Shankar to Patna and admits her in a mental asylum. Samman is shocked to see her condition. But is Kakul really mad? From here begins Kakul’s new fight with destiny…

Anisha Kapoor

Says Producer Ajai Sinha of Ananda films, “I am indeed excited to have Anisha play the lead role of Kakul which Sayantani was essaying till date. Sayantani had to leave the show for reasons best known to her but am sure now Anisha would do full justice to the character of Kakul and take it forward from where Sayantani had left. Anisha is a seasoned actress and I wish her all the luck.”

A very excited Anisha said, “I am thrilled to get this show. I was actually looking for a new show, but when I got Ghar..Ek Sapnaa and moreover to play Kakul, I decided to take it up as this is a challenge for me. Sayantani has done full justice to Kakul’s character till date and I am sure I will continue to do so and earn the same love and respect from the viewers. My first scene was at the hospital where Kakul is shown to be violent, getting anger pangs.”

“Ghar…Ek Sapnaa…” is a story of celebrating the age-old truth that “Marriages are made in heaven.” Anisha Kapur will play the lead role of Kakul replacing Sayantani Ghosh. The serial telecast in Sahara One Television on Monday to Friday at 9.30PM.

Aman Loona is a journalist based in Chandigarh, India, capital of the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana.