America Bleeds in Afghanistan, Pakistan is Collapsing

Unless US and Allies Reverse Polices on Afghanistan, Taliban Would Annihilate Them

George Bush pushed America and allies into a ‘no winning’ war in Afghanistan and Iraq, a faulty policy that cost the US dearly. Here after so many years of occupation, America is still bleeding to the neck. Not a day passes when plane loads of coffins of slain soldiers are sent packing, back to America, Britain and others. The US was wrong to have involved themselves in a war in these countries on the pretext of eliminating WMD.

It was only an alibi under a great Jewish conspiracy to eliminate Saddam Hussein. These are the kind of countries where people have never been subjugated by any force in the past. British tried unsuccessfully, Russians came here and faced a humiliating defeat and withdrew in great haste and now the US and allies are finding it hard to remain nor able to find a way out of the conflict.

Pakistan on the other hand is paying for its deeds. It was along with US were responsible for creating the monster called Taliban to fight the Russians. But they have now turned their guns on them. Taliban are today everywhere in Pakistan, striking at will. Not a day passes without a suicide attack in Pakistan, where innocent people are killed. Pakistan though fighting them in South Waziristan, failed to contain them elsewhere in Pakistan, where they are living scattered but regrouping to strike when necessary.

As things stand today, Pakistan is on the verge of collapse. It is not good news as this country would fall to the rogue elements in Taliban who if succeeded in taking hold of the country’s nuclear arsenals, then God alone would save the world from the possible nuclear blackmail from them.

What could be done now? President Barack Obama, a winner of the Noble Peace Prize, has to work out on a plan as envisaged earlier to exit honourably from both Iraq and Afghanistan. Earlier they do, it is better for them. The deadliest attacks in Iraq, Kabul and Pakistan taking place on the daily basis would continue until these foreign forces leave these countries. Maybe the British have learned a lesson and intended to withdraw at the earliest. Other allies would follow suit. Will the US seek an honourable exit?

Whose war America is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is not clear. It was a great Jewish conspiracy to unseat Saddam Hussein. They ultimately succeeded in hanging him but at what price? They are paying heavily since then and in for more surprises in future. The resurgent Taliban are regrouping and intensified their strike against everyone including Pakistan. Now Barack Obama has expressed his desire to buy some of their leaders to unsettle them.

It is possible as the Taliban are not one unit. There are several groups fighting against the US and allies. This they are doing out of necessity as they would not like the presence of any foreign troops on their soil. That is why they are united for a limited purpose. Once these foreign forces are gone, they will fight among themselves until the last man dies. The best thing US and allies could do is to coolly withdraw and watch from a distance how this country called Afghanistan plunges into internecine fighting between these splinter groups and finish themselves. The sufferers would be innocent civilians.

In Pakistan, unless backed by the US and allies, it is a difficult task to totally drive away or annihilate these Taliban. They have melted and sought shelter among the local population and living scattered everywhere, regrouping whenever required. Unless Pakistan military conduct door to door search in cities and towns not to speak of villages, peace would not prevail in that country. They used them against India and now the heat is turned against them. There is no doubt Pakistan is on the verge of collapse. A weak President Zardari at the helm of affairs with not so powerful Prime Minister Gilani running a government under an equally brittle democracy, have all added to the woes of the country.

Pakistan has to ponder seriously on the issue and seek assistance without any hesitation from other countries to fight the Taliban including India. They need assistance more urgently and if they just live on false prestige, they are not doing any service to their people.

US and allies have to go all out to assist Pakistan in a fight to finish against the Taliban, who are becoming menacingly dangerous to the world peace. It is more urgent as the nuclear arsenals in the country are at stake, if the recent attack on the nuclear sites is any indication.

India and the world are watching the developments in Pakistan with regret and wished that Pakistan overcome these elements to rid Pakistan of the Taliban once and for all. All our sympathies are with them and people of India wish that Pakistani military gains in South Waziristan would strengthen their resolve to carry on the fight everywhere until the last Taliban leaves Pakistan. Jai Hind.

A.M. Jamsheed Basha
A.M. Jamsheed Basha is a Chennai-based columnist, political commentator, who writes on matters of importance, political, social and self-improvement.