Ahinsa Water System Provides Employment and Clean Water in Bokajan

Account Of Diligence

Ahinsa Pure Water System, a modest packaged drinking water manufacturing unit which started production in 2006 in the Khotkati locality of Bokajan along with other miniature industries of the locality has grown up self-effacingly in the past seven years.

The water system earned approval from FSSAI, BIS, ISI and local authorities. This small unit has provided direct employment for more than 15 persons and indirectly extends employment opportunity to nearly fifty families of the locality; a place where sources of livelihood are sparse.

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The spotless five foot tiled air conditioned filling section of the plant makes an artistic impression on the viewer, all the more to allow the close scrutiny of each bottle of water of every size is made on a specially lighted zone before allowing for final packaging. It’s quite enjoyable to watch the testing of each bottle after filling and capping of the container before the watchful eye of the government chemist who analyses water samples from every source in the well-equipped laboratory adjacent to the filtration section.

“We take all the care humanly possible to provide healthy and safe water to our consumers; we are always ready to do the best to improve the quality of the product, we produce nearly 300 liters on average and our source is ground water,” Amit Shethi, one of the managing proprietors of the farm told the visiting group of journalists whom he took round the plant.

For an average reader, it is essential to know that the packaged drinking water is processed with multi-stage purification processes such as Sand filter, activated carbon filter, ultraviolet disinfection, ultra filtration, Reverse Osmosis and Ozonization.

Sand Filter: eliminates many suspended solids in the raw water.

Activated Carbon Filter: removes most of the organic contamination and pesticide residuals from the water. It also controls the taste and odour of water

Ultraviolet Disinfection: the water is exposed to UV light of wavelength 245 nanometres, a dosage of 16000 microwatt/sq.cm at 40 degrees C for effective disinfection

Ultra Filtration: A low pressure membrane process that removes dissolved organic macro molecules, viruses, enzymes etc.

Reverse Osmosis: process eliminates dissolved impurities like unwanted salts and retains minerals which are essential to the human body.

Ozonization: the strongest oxidizer and disinfection agent which acts on a broad spectrum of microbiological organisms.

Filtration: water is pumped through a microscopic sift that is rated for a certain size organism. The standard size rating is the micron capacity flow rat1000 lit/hour.

Right from the bottle blowing section of the unit to the storage facility, filtration to loading space, the Ahinsa Pure Water System is sparkling clean. A small wall plaque in a remote corner of the administrative block drew my attention. It was written “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.