Will US Congress Vote ‘Yes’ for Military Action in Syria?

As headlines starting to proliferate for the urgency of the United States’ intervention against Syria, speculation started to stir as well if the US congress will vote in favor of military action to end the turmoil in the Middle Eastern country.

In an interview with Gloria Borger of CNN State of the Union in Washington DC, US Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the issue by saying that President Obama really felt very strongly that the Congress of the United States will weigh in the issues and make decisive action to end the hostilities and brutalities in Syria.

Amid notion that the Congress is divided and paralyzed, US Secretary Kerry says they don’t contemplate that the Congress is going to vote “no.”

He believes the case is powerful and grows more powerful by the day.

“We have confidence there are good people in the Congress of the United States.” – Secretary Kerry

He adds the issue is a matter of national security, it’s a matter of the credibility of the United States of America, it’s a matter of upholding the interests of its allies and friends in the region.

“We believe the Congress of the United States will recognize that responsibility and do what is right.” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry: President Obama believes the United States of America should take military action to deter Assad from using these weapons

According to Secretary Kerry, President Obama is leading and he’s leading very powerfully and he’s leading in the right way.

“If he didn’t do this, I can hear all of the critics saying, “Why didn’t the President go to Congress?” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry explains that the President made his decision first and he announced his decision.

“His decision is that he believes the United States of America should take military action to deter Assad from using these weapons and to degrade his capacity from doing so.” – Secretary Kerry

He adds that’s the President’s decision to consider for military action. However, President Obama wants the Congress of the United States to weigh in.

Syrian regime found guilty of using chemical weapons

According to Secretary Kerry, blood and hair samples that have come discovered through an appropriate chain of custody from east Damascus, from first responders, it has tested positive for signatures of sarin.

President of Syria Bashar Hafez alAssad

“So each day that goes by, this case is even stronger.” – Secretary Kerry

He says the US knows that the regime ordered this attack, many know they prepared for it, many know where the rockets came from, many know where they landed.

“We know the damage that was done afterwards. We’ve seen the horrific scenes all over the social media.” – Secretary Kerry

The US has evidence of it in other ways, and it knows that the regime tried to cover up afterwards, he added.

Is Syrian regime using chemical weapons?

In May, reports have made headlines that there is a growing evidence that Syrian government troops have used chemical weapons.

The White House reportedly said that Syria had used the nerve agent sarin on a “small scale.”

However, Syrian officials slammed the allegations, saying the accusations are “lies.”

Reports also indicated that if proven the Syrian government is using chemical weapons, it would be a “red line” for possible international intervention.

However, amid the numerous accusations, there is no confirmation yet that chemical weapons have been used during Syria’s two-year-old conflict during that time an investigation was launched.

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