US Reaffirms Commitment to Help Rebuild Libya

The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today reaffirmed the United States commitment to help rebuild libya.

In her remarks on a town hall meeting with youth and civil society in University Tripoli, Ms. Clinton said it’s fair to say that the United States played a unique leadership role in what happened in Libya, because they wanted to be sure, number one, that there was an international coalition in support of Libya.

“And I’m very pleased that there was. It was quite historic that you had the UN passing strong resolutions, which the United Nations was on the lead on, and then you had NATO coming together to protect civilians, and the Arab League, which had called for action, actually having member states participate in that coalition, the no-fly zone, the maritime embargo.” -Ms. Clinton

She noted that the United States was actively involved rebuilding Libya. She said that it is important that there be a broad base of support for the Libyan revolution.

She higlighted that part of the reason for her trip is to emphasize the United States commitment to helping Libya navigate through the next period of their history.

“Now, unlike many countries in the world that find themselves free of a dictatorship, Libya is blessed with natural resources and human resources that you don’t often find in many other countries. Yes, you do have oil, and now maybe that oil can be used for the benefit the Libyan people, not to enrich a relatively small group of powerful people.” -Ms. Clinton

She stressed that Libya has human resources like the great university which is a testament to that. She stressed that Libya has a lot of expertise within the Libyan people themselves, and certainly the Libyan Diaspora that came back to help win their freedom.

“I told both Chairman Jalil and Prime Minister Jibril we intend to support you on that. So I really believe that Libya is as well positioned as any country in recent history to make this journey to democracy successfully.” -Ms. Clinton

She pointed out that there are several dangers, and the president referred to one. Everybody wants what they want, and they want it now. She highlighted that the Libyan people must start on the journey step by step, and they have to be somewhat patient with each other as they try to work out how to organize themselves.

“But I have every confidence you will be successful, and the United States will help you. We’ll help you with resources, with technical expertise, with any kind of support for elections and for economic opportunities. You name it; we are ready to be helpful to you, but want it to be your priorities, not anybody else’s.” -Ms. Clinton

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