US Imposes Three Sanctions on Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security

Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland today announced that the United States Government took three separate sanctions actions against Iran’s primary intelligence agency, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

She states MOIS was designated for its involvement in the commission of serious human rights abuses against the Iranian people, as well as its support to terrorist groups, including al-Qa’ida, Hizballah and Hamas.

She adds that MOIS was also designated under a separate executive order for its support to the Syrian regime in brutally repressing the Syrian people.

Advertisement from the 1970s by American nuclearenergy companies, using Iran’s nuclear program as a marketing ploy.

She announces that the United States has imposed visa and financial sanctions on the MOIS for its commission of serious human rights abuses in its own country.

“Today’s action exposes the activities of the MOIS, and allows us to identify and sanction individuals, companies and other entities that, among other things, support or act on behalf of the MOIS.” -Ms. Nuland

She encourages all of U.S. partners to take similar actions in response to the MOIS involvement in illicit conduct.

On June 2011, the United States of America have imposed several sanctions on Iran. The United States imposed sanctions on Tidewater Middle East Company, an operator of Iranian ports owned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) that has links to Iranian proliferation activities.

The United States has also imposed sanctions against Iran Air, which was designated for providing material support and services to the IRGC and Iran’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL), and also has facilitated proliferation-related activities.

The European Union as well has imposed sanctions against Iran. The EU bans imports of Iranian crude oil and petroleum products, freeze the assets of the Iranian central bank, and take additional action against Iran’s energy, financial, and transport sectors.

The measures was agreed by the EU Foreign Affairs Council which are another strong step in the international effort to dramatically increase the pressure on Iran.

The Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the secret police and primary intelligence agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is considered an important element of the Iranian government’s security apparatus. It is well funded and equipped.

In 1999, ministry were held responsible for the serial murders of dissident writers and intellectuals.

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