US and Saudi Arabia Collaborate to Resolve The Syrian Crisis

US And Saudi Arabia Committed to End Syrian Crisis

Amid the continuing crisis engulfing Syria, the United States of America and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaffirmed their commitment to resolve the crisis.

In his remarks with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in London, US Secretary of State John Kerry said US and Saudi Arabia are in complete agreement about the need to try to resolve the crisis in Syria.

“We will continue to work on that.” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry reiterated President Obama’s statement that the United States will stand with its allies and friends in the region.

“We want to try to see if there’s a way moving forward to resolve some of these problems without moving to greater conflict.” – Secretary Kerry

He further explained that the last thing the region needs is more conflict and there are simple things they would like to see done that help to prevent that.

“And our job is to work together in order to try to get there.” – Secretary Kerry

US And Saudi Arabia Address Conflicts in the Arab Region

King Ibn Saud converses with President Franklin D. Roosevelt on board the USS Quincy, after the Yalta Conference in 1945.

According to Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir, the Arab region is confronted with challenges. He emphasized that whether in Syria, Yemen, Libya, or terrorism anywhere, – the most effective way historically for the US and Saudi Arabia work to through these challenges is by close partnership and alliances.

“And it is always when we consult intensely and work very closely together that we’re able to overcome these challenges.” – Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir

He highlighted that both nations are both committed to the relationship and both are committed to working to broaden and deepen it in all spheres.

In addition, the US and Saudi Arabia are both committed to dealing with the challenges the Arab region faces in a way that preserves the interests of the two nations.

US-Saudi Arabia Relationship

US-Saudi Arabia relations go beyond one or two countries and one or two efforts, the spokesman said.

Both countries work in military planning; in enhancing renewable energy supplies; in energy stability and security; counterterrorism; critical infrastructure protection; trade and investment; science and technology; enhancing and dealing with and addressing the medical attention to health pandemics; agriculture and food security; and education and student exchanges.

The deep relationship between the two countries has extended now for more than 70 years.


There have been four and a half years of nonstop horror in Syria.

One Syrian in twenty has been wounded or killed. One in five is a refugee and, one in two has been displaced. The average life expectancy of Syrians has dropped by 20 years.

80 percent of the electricity has been knocked out, plunging much of the country literally into darkness.

“And the burden of the conflict falls most heavily on the smallest shoulders.” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry highlighted that the intractable nature of the conflict in Syria is attributable to a number of factors, beginning with the Assad government.

He said four decades of dictatorial rule choked off any attempt to develop an organized political opposition. Sectarian differences that might have worked themselves out peacefully in a more open society instead festered beneath the surface.

And, the crisis worsened due to the involvement of regional actors particularly Iran and Hezbollah, which intervened on behalf of Assad, and the foreign terrorist fighters who have joined Daesh and other terrorist groups.

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