US Affirms Long-Standing Support to Egyptian Government

US committed to support Egypt

As Egypt is facing transitioning into a democratic country, the United States of America today affirmed a longstanding support to see Egypt succeed and strengthen US-Egypt partnership.

In her remarks at Washington DC, Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki says the United States and Egypt have a longstanding partnership and many shared interests, including: promoting a stable, inclusive and prosperous Egypt; securing regional peace; and countering extremism.

U.S. President Barack Obama tours the Pyramids, June 2009.

She notes the United States wants to see Egypt succeed and believes the U.S.-Egypt partnership will be strongest when Egypt is represented by an inclusive, democratically elected civilian government based on the rule of law, fundamental freedoms and an open and competitive economy.

US maintains relationship with the Egyptian government

According to Ms. Psaki, as a result of the review directed by President Obama, the US has decided to maintain its relationship with the Egyptian government, while recalibrating our assistance to Egypt to best advance its interests. T

She cites the United States will work with the interim Egyptian government and Congress to continue to provide support that directly benefits the Egyptian people in areas like health, education, and private sector development.

US to continue assistance for Egypt’s recovery

Ms. Psaki states that US will continue assistance to help secure Egypt’s borders, counter terrorism and proliferation, and ensure security in the Sinai.

US will continue to provide parts for U.S.-origin military equipment as well as military training and education.

In addition, US will continue to hold the delivery of certain large-scale military systems and cash assistance to the government pending credible progress toward an inclusive, democratically elected civilian government through free and fair elections.

US supports Egypt’s democratic transition

Ms. Psaki says the United States continues to support a democratic transition and oppose violence as a means of resolving differences within Egypt.

“We will continue to review the decisions regarding our assistance periodically.” – Ms. Psaki

She says US will also continue to work with the interim government to help it move toward its shared goals in an atmosphere free of violence and intimidation.

Secretary Kerry: The road ahead is long for Egypt, but optimistic of it’s future

In March, Secretary John Kerry underlined that there are tough choices to be made, but what is clear is US confident that if all Egyptians stay focused on achieving the economic and the political opportunity that Egyptian people deserve and demand, Egypt nation will have the promising future that it deserves.

United States provides direct support to key engines of democratic change in Egypt

According to Secretary Kerry in Washington DC, in May 2011, President Obama pledged $1 billion in U.S. support for Egypt’s democratic revolution.

Kerry said the path to that future has clearly been difficult and much work remains.

The United States is committed to providing direct support to key engines of democratic change in Egypt, including Egypt’s entrepreneurs and its young people.

US is also launching the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund, with an initial installment of $60 million in U.S. government capital now, rising to $300 million in the coming years as we work with our Congress on funding this and other programs.

The US government is also modifying its Qualifying Industrial Zones program in order to help increase Egypt’s exports to the United States.

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