UN Security Council Resolution 2014: Important Step to End Violence in Yemen

The UN Security Council today sent a clear, unified message that the time has come for President Saleh to allow the Yemeni people to live free from violence and insecurity by passing the UN Security Council 2014.

Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner today said the UN Security Council Resolution 2014 on Yemen is an important step toward realizing a brighter future for all Yemeni people.

“The international community must continue to stand together, speak with one voice, and support all Yemeni citizens who want a more secure, peaceful, and prosperous future.” -Mr. Posner

He cited that the Yemeni people have been deprived of their universal human rights for too long, and too many innocent Yemenis have been killed.

“We urge the Government of Yemen to investigate those responsible for violence against peaceful protestors and hold them accountable for their crimes. The only way to meet the aspirations of the Yemeni people is immediately to begin a transition of power in accordance with the Gulf Cooperation Council’s initiative.” -Mr. Posner

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