Suicide Bombings Hit Baghdad; At Least 200 Killed

Twin Bombings Hit Baghdad

Another two deadly suicide bombings hit the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, killing at least two hundred people and wounding 147 people.

A suicide truck bomb exploded in the busy shopping district of Karrada in the country’s capital on Saturday night.

A CNN report says the incident took place when Iraqi families gathered after several hours of fasting for the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan. People were shopping and having their family gatherings when a refrigerator truck packed with bombs exploded and destroyed a coffee shop building. The attack resulted in the death of hundreds of people including women and 25 children.

In addition, a blaze started to engulf adjacent buildings that resulted in some people being trapped inside.

Firefighters responded immediately when calls of distress were launched and they rescued wounded civilians.

On the same night, a roadside bomb also exploded in the popular market of al-Shaab, a Shi’ite district in north Baghdad, killing two people.

ISIS Did It Again

ISIS militants claimed responsibility for the attack. They are i “attack mode” in the month of Ramadan. Analysts say jihadists consider the month of Ramadan to be the best time to strike against their enemies.

ISIS-related attacks are also making headlines this holy month for Muslim in a global context. The Baghdad suicide bombing came just days after massacres in Dhaka that killed 20 foreigners and the attack in Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul.

Just recently, there was the lone gunman who launched a bloody attack at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that killed 49 people. He pledged allegiance to ISIS while speaking to a 911 operator.

Suicide bombings hit Baghdad.
Fire starts to engulf buildings after the truck bomb explosion in Baghdad.

US Condemns The Attack

Following the attack in Baghdad, the U.S. State Department on Sunday extended condolences to the victims of the two bombings overnight in Baghdad and condemned acts of violence by the extremist group.

We are in close contact with Iraqi authorities, and stand committed to supporting Iraqi security forces,” said the statement from US spokesman John Kirby.

In addition, the US pledged solidarity with the Iraqi government in the battle against extremism.

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