On the coast of southern California, there’s a town called Laguna Beach, where tourists enjoy the beaches that feel like the Riviera and the ocean breezes refresh their souls from their busy lifestyles. It is here that tourists flock to Hotel Laguna, a historical landmark.

Established before 1888, the hotel burned down two months after its opening and was rebuilt in 1888.Today, the hotel is operated by Stefen C. Anderson, who has kept the originality of the property from its former renovation back in 1930, when it was reconstructed by Mr. Yoch. Claes Anderson, Stefen’s father who has owned the hotel since 1985, refurbished the hotel again, adding entertainment to the bar and an updated menu.

Celebrities Who Stayed at Hotel Laguna

There are many stories that have been told about Hotel Laguna. It has been a hideaway for many celebrities. Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn and John Barrymore were a few of the legendary stars who stayed at Hotel Laguna. In fact, this reporter, before I entered the television and film business, drove valet cars there.

I look forward to bringing Siad Faraj from the film “Green Zone,” who had a significant role with Mat Damon there and Clement von Franckenstein, from “Hail Cesar,” for a business meeting.

Dining On The Ocean

There’s quite a feeling, dining on the patio of Hotel Laguna. A fresh ocean breeze, with a glass of wine and good conversation makes dining a pleasure. However, a good meal adds to the occasion.

There are more than 45 items on the menu and Executive Chef Robert Hines is very innovative with his creations. A couple of items to try would be Crab Cake Benedict and the Leek and Truffle Quiche for breakfast.

The seafood dishes such as Salmon and Sea Bass are prepared in various ways, depending on what Chef Hines creates with herb ingredients.

You can rest assured that whatever your taste buds are hungry for, that it’s all fresh and many of the items used are locally sourced.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Chef Hines has your best interests in mind. There’s something for everyone, including vegans.

Oceanview bar grill.
Oceanview bar grill. Photo: Hotel Laguna.

Happy Hour

Locals and tourists enjoy the Happy Hour from 3pm to 5pm every Monday -Thursday. All appetizers are $5 off the dinner menu and the bar offers $5 Elderflower Cosmopolitans, Lemondrops, and a “Showcase,” drink of the day.

Even the draft beers and house wines have $2 off. But that’s not all, you can enjoy the sandy beach at Hotel Laguna and you can plan your next corporate event there, or you can arrange to have your friend’s next wedding there.

Hotel Laguna is located in the heart of Laguna Beach at 425 South Coast Highway. Call for reservations at (949) 494-1151.

Celebrity Scene News awards four stars to Hotel Laguna for a romantic dining experience and some tantalizing cuisine and an inspiring ocean view.

bedroom at hotel laguna.
A bedroom at Hotel Laguna. Photo: Hotel Laguna.
Hotel Laguna Beach Wedding
Hotel Laguna Beach Wedding // Downtown Laguna Beach // www.miminguyen.com
hotel laguna
Hotel Laguna. Photo: courtesy Hotel Laguna.

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