Sridevi Death Probe Petition Rejected as Questions Remain Unanswered

Sridevi, Indian actress and icon, died at the age of 54 in Dubai. Her death led to fans around the world mourning one of Bollywood’s most iconic females. The death of Sridevi led to a petition being sent to the Delhi High Court.

The petition was submitted as a Public Interest Litigation and on the basis of her death being a matter of national interest.

The High Court dismissed the petition, stating that Dubai and India officials had already investigated the incident. Sunil Singh submitted the petition to the courts. He claims to have worked extensively in movies as a director for a few movies and even operates a few cinemas.

He was also in Dubai on February 24 when Sridevi met her demise.

Singh claims that he spoke to hospital officials and hotel staff following the actress’s death. He filed a petition for a probe into her death on the basis that he received different information from people close to the matter than what is being reported by the media.

“Charismatic superstar Sridevi’s untimely death raises several questions,” writes Scrabbl.

Media reports initially claimed that the actress died from a heart attack. Reports then surfaced claiming that the actress drowned in the bathtub.

Sridevi was first introduced to acting at the young age of four and was in the industry for five decades. She was at her nephew’s wedding in Dubai with her family. She decided to stay behind in Dubai for a few days while most of her family flew home.

Sridevi’s popularity led her to be one of the few females that could star in roles without a male lead and still guarantee a huge success.

She is known for her work in “Chandni,” “Sadma,” “ChaalBaaz” and “Mr. India.” Her long career has featured her in nearly 300 films. Her works span over several languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Kannaa, Telugu and Malayalam.

News of her death shocked the world, with fans gathering outside the actress’s home in Mumbai following her death. Political leaders from around the world paid respects to the actress along with several Bollywood stars.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to pay his respects to the star. “Saddened by the untimely demise of noted actor Sridevi. She was a veteran of the film industry, whose long career included diverse roles and memorable performances. My thoughts are with her family and admirers in this hour of grief. May her soul rest in peace: PM @narendramodi,” he tweets.

The actress passed away in the presence of her husband Boney Kapoor and her daughter Khushi.

Her career was put on hold in 1997 when she married Boney. She took a 15-year break from the industry, returning to the big screen in 2012 in “English Vinglish.” She was given the government award of Padma Shri in 2013. The award is the fourth-highest given to civilians by the Indian government.

Fans took to Twitter to send their condolences to Sridevi. The loss of #Sridevi is a big deal for Bollywood but also an entire generation, like mine, that grew up with her movies. She went supernova in the 80s. She had charm, personality, wit and range. MR INDIA remains a classic. So sad that she passed so young,” writes Wajahat Ali.

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