Saudi Arabia Donates $100M to UN Center on Counterterrorism

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced a donation of 100 million dollars to help set up a United Nations center for combating terrorism.

Reports say Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with the UN in 2011 to build the center.

Previously, the oil-rich country has already donated US$10 million for the center’s launch.

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has urged the international community to support and promote the center.

Saudi Arabia was hit by a wave of attacks targeted by Al-Qaeda militants between 2003 and 2005 and considered fighting terrorism one of its top priorities.

US Applauds the donations

US Secretary of State John Kerry today applauds $100 million donation by His Majesty King Abdullah, on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to the UN Centre on Counterterrorism (UNCCT).

He says the country’s generous donation, on the occasion of Eid al Fitr, demonstrates once again the Kingdom’s commitment to supporting multilateral institutions and strengthening international cooperation on counterterrorism.

“With these funds, we hope that the UN Counterterrorism Implementation Task Force (UNCTITF), of which the Centre is a critical component.” – Secretary Kerry

He says the move can intensify the UN center’s work to provide countries with the long-term capacity building support they need to implement the UN Global Counterterrorism Strategy.

US and Saudia Arabia Collaborating on Syrian Crisis

In June this this year, highlighting that the world is still failing to secure international protection for the Syrian people, the United States of America and Saudi Arabia had met at Washington DC and affirmed collaboration to address the crisis in Syria.

former Saudi Arabian Crown Prince bin abdulaziz Saud in the White House.

According to Secretary Kerry, both the US and Saudi Arabia believe that the best solution is a political solution in which the people of Syria have an opportunity to be able to make a choice about their future.

In addition, both countries believe that every minority can be respected, that there could be diversity and pluralism, and that people could do so in a climate of peace in the absence of oppression and violence or the involvement of foreign fighters.

In addition, the meeting is timely enough for countries to coordinate those efforts in the best way to bring about the solution that all hope for.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have enjoyed full diplomatic relations since 1933.

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