Sound + Vision, The Healing Art of Guadulesa

Award winning Los Angeles-based fine artist Guadulesa Rivera, who hails from Boston, discusses her work, and some of the artists who have influenced her along the way, in this exclusive interview for NewsBlaze by Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel.

The Hollywood Sentinel-Bruce Edwin: What is your favorite type of art?

Guadulesa Rivera: My favorite type of art moves my soul, draws me in and holds me for a good while. I love to explore the balance of color, texture, and rhythm as it relates to the mood of a piece. I respect all styles, but I notice that I am drawn to art that has an inner rhythm, a movement of life, which maintains its presence year after year.

Hollywood Sentinel: Who is your favorite artist living and why?


Guadulesa: It is too difficult for me to focus on a single contemporary artist as my favorite. I really can’t say.

Hollywood Sentinel: Who is your favorite artist who has passed on, and why?

Guadulesa: Mike Kanemitsu was a New York Nisei artist who moved to LA & taught at Otis. He passed in the early ’90’s. He was my mentor during the late ’70’s and ’80’s. His work holds the mystery of life. He worked with a wet palette, as I do, and I used to bask in his large pieces.

Hollywood Sentinel: Some artists I know have complained about the unhealthy chemicals of art products like paint and the fumes, etc. Does this bother you, and what is your advice on what an artist can do who wants to work with all natural products?

Guadulesa: I do caution my students who want to work with oils or other strong mediums. Sometimes artists become so entranced in their work, that they disregard warnings. However, frequent contact with harmful chemicals will surely have an effect at some point. It is very important to know the possible side effects of the chemicals we use. Those warnings are there for a reason.

Hollywood Sentinel: Do you know how to frame and hang art work?

Guadulesa: Yes, but I prefer to utilize the skills of professional framers. I have a good eye for hanging a show and feel comfortable relying on that.

Hollywood Sentinel: How important is framing to art and why or why not?

Guadulesa: Presentation is very important. Some odd sizes or very large works can be finished by painting the edges in a way to compensate for lack of traditional framing. Some artists may chose to frame with non-traditional materials. We want to present a piece in the strongest manner possible. Framing needs to serve a piece of art in the same manner as finely-fitted clothing serves a person. The type of wood, the color, the thickness – all of these elements need to be considered.

Hollywood Sentinel: What is your favorite art gallery or museum you have ever been to and why?

Guadulesa: Perhaps MOMA in NYC, because of the depth and breadth of their collection. The pieces hold such personal stories. I am in awe of that. I have been very drawn to abstract expressionism during my development.

Hollywood Sentinel: What museum or art gallery do you dream of going to that you have not been to yet, and why?

Guadulesa: I would love to visit Barcelona and see what that city has to offer. Antoni Gaudi! The Dali Museum is one that I would like to visit also.

Hollywood Sentinel: Please tell us about why this Matrix V project is so important to you and what it will mean?

Guadulesa: The arts allow us to explore life itself. When I began to research the power of sound and was led back to my own ancestors’ knowledge of tones, I felt that I was traveling full circle. Life is an adventure, if we allow it. When I started to read my notes from the Matrix V series, I was amazed, truly. It’s time for me to share some of this learning.

Hollywood Sentinel: How can people contact you and learn more about you?

Guadulesa: Telephone 323-550-1021

Hollywood Sentinel: Great. It was nice talking with Guadulesa.

Guadulesa: Thank you, you too!

Award winning artist Guadulesa launches her Kickstarter campaign this week, offering many generous rewards for backers. See work by Guadulesa at